Restricted Occupations

Certain occupations are restricted, meaning that if you do any of the jobs on this list, you can not become a Special Constable.

This list was updated in January 2011 (you can download the full guidance from our sidebar) and is notably less restrictive than before.

If you are looking at joining a specific Force and are unsure of issues around Restricted Occupations, ask on our forum, or call the Special Constabulary Recruitment department of your chosen force and ask.

Occupations which are ineligible (but with some variations as described):

Occupations / interests where appointment as a Special Constable is at the discretion of the Chief Officer of the force:

Source: NPIA Circular January 2011 - Special Constables Eligibility for Recruitment (.pdf download)

For further information join the discussion on the PoliceSpecials forum