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A Payment Scheme  

745 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you agree to the payment scheme described below being introduced in your force area?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Undecided

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The following payment model is based on schemes already running in UK forces:

You must commit to performing 50 4-hour duties every year.

The scheme year will run from 1 April to 31 March.

You must undertake at least 1 4-hour duty every month.

At least 10 of your 4-hour duties must relate to training events.

At least 10 of your 4-hour duties must relate to force events (football, parades, operations etc.)

On any shift, you can claim up to two 4-hour duties. (e.g. 4 hours = 1 duty, 6 hours = 1 duty, 8 hours = 2 duties, 9+ hours = 2 duties etc.)

Attending court will count as a minimum of 1 4-hour duty, even if attendance is less than 4 hours.

To aid planning, every 3 months you will be required to complete a duty sheet showing the dates, times and places you are prepared to turn out over the next 3 months, associating yourself with a shift if appropriate. This will be submitted to Resource Management who will make your availability known to the relevant supervisor at the appropriate time. You are expected to abide by this plan, although some flexibility is permitted. You must contact resource management and advise them of any cancellation. Any cancelled duty will not count towards your annual total. Likewise, you can contact Resource Management and advise them of additional duties, and these will count towards your annual total. The general rule though is that you should try as far as possible to operate within the 3-month planning system.

In return for all of the above, you will be paid £1000 at the end of the year. Your force will pay the necessary income tax and national insurance such that you get this amount in full.

If you accept this payment, travelling expenses to and from your home station will become taxable. All other expenses will remain tax-free.

You will be required to participate in an annual appraisal review as part of this scheme.

Participation in the scheme is on a voluntary basis. You will be asked at the start of the year if you want to make that commitment, and you may drop out of the scheme at any point in the year. You will not receive any payment if you do not complete a full year in the scheme.

The only exception to this is new recruits who will be allowed to make a part-year commitment (duties required = 4 x number of months in scheme) if they join after the scheme year begins.

You are not obliged to accept the payment even though you have met the minimum duty requirement.

You may be removed from the scheme if your conduct is considered unsatisfactory. Examples of the sort of conduct that may be considered as unsatisfactory includes falsifying duty records, not turning out for an extended period during the year, cancelling a large number of planned duties during the year, not attending for a planned duty and failing to notify Resource Management. You will have the right to appeal any decision to remove you from the scheme.

At the discretion of the Chief Constable, you may still be allowed to benefit from the scheme if a change in personal circumstances means that you cannot meet the scheme requirements (e.g. bereavement, moving from the force area, taking up new employment, caring responsibilities, etc. ).

Based on the above and on the understanding that particpation would still be a matter of personal choice, would you agree to such a scheme being made available to all Special Constables in your force area?

Please note that this thread is Poll Only! You can discuss the proposal here

Vote now .......

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