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Hi Fellow Specials, 


The time has come for me to take my Police Career a step further and I have just been informed that I may start training in December, however, I have heard that the new Foundation Training for PCs now incorporates the CKP. As I joined the MSC whilst IPS was accepted instead of the CKP, how does this affect my PC Training? I cannot seem to find anything online so would appreciate if someone who has recently started PC training as an IPS Special could share their experiences with us. 


I think it would also be helpful for any other MSC who are planning to join Regs. 



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It won't affect your training, what is covered in the CKP you should know from being an IPS Special - you will have a knowledge check on day 1 of training (or very soon after day 1) which will cover basic policing principles etc.

You'll do the exact same training as everyone else, including those on CKP, the met no longer run a shortened conversion course for MSC.


Hope this helps!

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