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PC Will

Police pension question (Met)

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I'm due to start training for a new PC role on the 30th August, so earlier I was discussing with the parents and looking into the police pension, it is my understanding for officers that start on police pay point scale 1 (£22,444 + £6,663 allowances) that your monthly pay is roughly £2,500, minus tax and national insurance leaves you with about £1,945 a month, minus the police pension at (a guess) around 10% you're left with about £1,728 or so.

My question is this, I assume you can opt out of this if you wish?

Secondly, I assume I will get all the info I need regarding police pay and pensions on the first day at Hendon (Which was an admin and signing many bits of paper on my first day at Hendon during specials training).

Finally, does anyone know how it works, do the Met match your contribution, do they pay in a set %, or do they pay in nothing at all?

This is specifically for MPS officers only.

Many thanks.


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It is between 12 and 15% not 10%. Payments were increased significantly and it's value significantly decreased. You will also need to work significantly longer to get it. Potentially much longer than you could credibly continue as a Police officer.



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