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Chief Cheetah

Details On How To Access The Parade Room

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Our Parade Room area can only be accessed by serving UK police officers (civilian police, either Special or Regular) PCSO's and civilian police staff. It's designed as an area where all members of the police family can discuss issues which they may not feel comfortable sharing in the more public areas of the forum, or with people who aren't themselves serving in a constabulary. Entry and use of the area continues to be free of charge.

Once you've been granted access to the Parade Room area, a new award will be added to your profile (it will appear overnight as that's when all new awards are automatically added although on occasion it can appear before).

How to get access to the 'In the Job' forum area:

Method 1

Send an email to support@policespecials.com from a police email account (one which is of the format xxxx@forcename.pnn.police.uk) with the following information:

Your full (real) name

Which UK police force you work for
Your rank/grade/job title (e.g. regular PC, Special Sergeant, PCSO, Staff member)
Your collar number or force ID number
Your PoliceCommunity.co.uk username

You must also raise a support ticket by accessing your client area under your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Ensure you select the Verified Member option, this will open more boxes at the bottom of the screen

These boxes must be completed to enable you to proceed

On receipt of your email, it will be linked to your support ticket and you will be given access to the area - confirmed by reply to your police email address. The information you provide will only be used to confirm your right to access the forum area.

Method 2

If you would prefer not to send an email from your work .pnn email, then raise a support ticket as per the instructions above and ensure you include your police email address.

Once raised we will then email you at your police email address with a random word (which will of course be completely work safe!). You should be able to read 'incoming' email without breaching any force policy.

Once you've read your police email, update your support ticket and tell us what the random word was. This will satisfy us that you have a police email account, and we can then give you access to the 'In the Job' area.

Note: if you're going to use this method - which causes us the most work - then don't please just reply from your police email account. If you're going to do that anyway, just use Method 1

Method 3

We know that some officers don't have access to a police email account so as an alternative, you can send a scan of your warrant card or official ID card by raising a support ticket as per the above instructions and utilising the Attach Files option in the second picture. If you or your force are uncomfortable with sending pictures of your warrant card in this way, then simply don't do it.

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Can I do method 1 from a Ministry of Defence email address ? 

Given the email address is secure and .pnn is substituted with .gsi


@Chief Cheetah

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