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I am looking for some advice as my application with wiltshire police has been accepted and I am taking the PIRT next week. I have been looking through the How to pass the PIRT book and I am having no problems with most of it apart from the numerical reasoning part of things(mainly percentages) . I was just wondering how much of the test is made up of maths and if you are given a calculator (The book says no but I have seen posts on other websites that say yes)

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Hi Joe

I attended the PIRT back in Jan.

The book is a great help.

You do not get a calculator.

Each category in the PIRT has a certain amount of questions.

Can't remember how many.

Very short time frame to get all answers completed.

My advice is practice at home. To time. Do not use a calculator.

You get pencil and paper. You need to work out all on paper.

I left the most difficult ones to the end and went back to them if I had time.

The other sections are under strict time too.

Just leave the tough ones and come back to them.

Hope this helps

Good luck.

When you get to 10 posts on the forum you can PM others on forum.

If I can help then PM

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All four sections of PIRT are added together. If you don't do well on one and do well in other three you can still pass.

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