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Forest Cop

September intake

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Hi Forest Cop,

I have been reading through posts on this forum and came across this topic so thought I would create an account and reply.

I am on the September intake, if by this you are talking about the Assessment Centre?

I applied to join the Special Constabulary as soon as I hit 18. Now, almost 2 years later, I have finally been given a date for an Assessment Centre. I am really excited but also incredibly nervous. It has been a long wait so I really want to do well and make sure I pass. I have been given an information pack and have been spending a lot of evenings after work revising!

Although I am young (almost 20 now), I feel I have had a lot of life experience for my age through several past jobs and through being a member of the Air Training Corps for 5 years. So hopefully my interview will go well and I will have lots to talk about.

For me I have always wanted to either join the Police or the Royal Air Force. Unfortunately both are not currently recruiting so I am pursuing a career in the Engineering industry, hopefully alongside working with the Special Constabulary.

I hope more people reply to this topic before the big day!



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I actually meant the course that start training this coming weekend, but well done on getting through to the assessment centre, I wasn't even aware that one was being run. Good luck with it and hope to see you on a course in a few months: I don't know what the planned start date for the next course is.

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