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Han Solo

Special Constable Recruitment Process

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Special Constable Recruitment Process

Anyone who is interested in joining the ranks of Special Constables currently serving throughout Gloucestershire, this thread will explain the recruitment process that you will be put through.

Application Form

The application form is the start of a long journey in the road to being a Special Constable, it is also one of the more important part of the process, as it not only asks for your details (qualification, work experience etc) but there are a number of questions which are used to determine if your application is going to be passed onto the next stage.

Paper Sift

The paper sift is the process of where the Resourcing Department look through all the applications that they have recieved, and sort through those which are well written and with good answers to the questions that are given - from here they send out letters to those who are successful, and they are sent onto the next stage.

Assesement centre

Effective of 01/09/11 - See Related Post

This stage of the process is the most difficult of them all and is in 2 stages:

Stage 1 PIRT:

The Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) tests a candidates basic maths and verbal reasoning skills, the maths test comprises of 24 questions, the pass mark is 11 - and the time limit is 15 minutes.

The verbal reasoning test comprises of 40 questions, the pass mark is 30 - and the time limit is 18 minutes.

Stage 2 - Face to Face Interview

This part of the process, is known as the most difficult - a interview is conducted with 6 competency questions, the candidate must satisfy a certain level of competence to pass this stage of the process.

To be successful at the Assesement Centre you must pass both stages above.

Medical Assessment

The medical assesement with the Force Medical Adviser (FMA) to ensure that you are fit and well to conduct the duty of a Constable - hearing, eyesight and breathing are checked - and a Medical Questionnare is to be completed by the candidate which lists any conditions that they may have / had in the past.

Fitness Test

The fitness test is the last stage of the process the candidate is involves in, this includes again 2 stages.

Stage 1 - Beep Test

The beep test is a multistage test which is staged over 20 meters, with a beep between stages which increases in difficulty - the requirement is 5.4 to pass this stage

Stage 2 - Push/Pull Test

This stage is to test that you are able to handle odd weights.

For both you are given 3 warm up attempts, the. You are given 5 attempts at maximum effort - for the push test you must average 34kg, and the pull test you must average 35kg.

Once past this stage it is a waiting game for the following elements.

Security Clearance

This stage is the most lengthy of the entire process - a security questionnare is sent to you before or during the assessment centre stage - you must complete it in full , any omissions can lead to a delay in your security clearance - if you fail the checks, your application will not be furthered.


References are taken from your application form, and references are requested from them, so choose who you put on your application form wisely, your current employer and either a previous or educational referee would be best.

Again if your references are unsatisfactory then your application cannot be furthered.

If you complete all stages successfully, a letter will be sent detailing training and uniform arrangements.

Any questions about this process, you can reply to this topic, it would be best to contact the Resourcing Department.

Disclaimer - This process is for Gloucestershire Condtabulary - stages of this process may differ for different forces.

All information is to my knowledge correct as of 06/08/11 - it would be advisable to refer to details given to you by the Resourcing Department.

Edited by Han Solo

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