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Hi Everyone,

I have recently applied to become a special constable, i had my assessment tests (i believe there called PTI's) and passed them at the beginning of the week.

I have my interview on Tuesday afternoon and am trying to establish what i should prepare for? as joining is so important to me, i am getting a bit nervous about the interview stage and want to ensure

i am fully prepared on what to expect.

I would really really appreciate any help or pointers that anyone can give me!

thanks in advance,


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Did you get a interview support pack?

When I did mine I got a pack which covered a outline of what would be asked in the interview.

I would suggest being yourself, and remember you are being monitored from the moment you go to reception to sign in, until the point at which you leave. My interview took about 30 minutes, but felt like 10.

Stay calm and I found structuring my examples in the STAR format helped:

S - Situation - What was it you had to overcome?

T - Task - What you had to do to overcome that situation?

A - Action - What you did or how you lead a team?

R - Response (outcome) - What was the outcome and what you felt may have been the outcome had you not intervened?

If you need any more help just let me know.


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