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  1. I was having a conversation earlier and there was a suggestion that there is a lot of cops don't make much use of the power to stop vehicles as much as they used to - for whatever reason. I think section 163 of the Road Traffic Act is great.... it allows you to stop anybody driving a car and you can do some digging on them, should you feel it warranted. If you watch programmes like Traffic Cops, Police Interceptors, Road Wars, etc these guys get some great results just from pulling cars over and being thorough when doing their stops. So, my question is, how often do you make use of this power? And if you don't, why don't you? Do you feel that your colleagues are under using 163? I've made a brief poll but please feel free to comment and discuss below.
  2. I assume that the Lancashire officers are familiar with the case of Andrew Blades, one of your officers who has lost his job following a manoeuvre with a vehicle that resulted in a minor damage only collision according to news reports. If not, see here:- https://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php/topic/150876-mp-slams-scandal-of-special-convicted-of-dangerous-driving/#entry2683796 I see the media is reporting that his case is being raised at various levels of government, including with the Director of Public Prosecutions. My question is, do you know of anything being done to help him and challenge the madness that has happened regarding this offence?
  3. At the end of October, I renewed my wife's car tax and it no longer has to display a valid tax disc. The tax on my car expires at the end of April 2014 so, now that the new vehicle tax law is in place, what is the position if I now remove my current tax disc from display? The question is, must I continue to display the existing disc until that tax expires and I renew it for another year?
  4. This surprised me a bit to be honest, I knew this was being discussed in the Scottish Parliament but didn't realise things had progressed this far.
  5. Just had a look at the tax rates in Sweden, ouch!
  6. So, having just seen a couple of recent news articles about PolCols:- TSG van in Southwark:- http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/police-investigate-how-van-on-999-call-catapulted-over-car-in-bermondsey-9212653.html (Thread for discussion on this incident: http://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php/topic/144713-bbc-police-riot-van-high-speed-crash/#entry2600054) Barnet Station van:- http://www.barnet-today.co.uk/news.cfm?id=10028&headline=Police%20van%20%27smashed%20to%20pieces%20and%20flipped%20over%27%20in%20Totteridge%20Lane In addition, I reported one for a colleague a few days ago (that really should not have happened if the skill and standard was at a good level and proper attention was being paid) and I've heard a few come out over the radio in the past few weeks. This has just made me think about standards of driving in the police - and perhaps the other emergency services too. * Do you think that emergency services take more risks that they should? * Do you think that the standards of driving are high enough and monitored properly? * Or, perhaps you think it's just unfortunate that circumstances lead to collisions? * Do our basic drivers drive beyond their limits / skill level too often? I recognise the fact that we are under pressure to get to incidents within charter times, but more importantly for me than a target, is that people are at risk, in fear, in danger and so on. Interestingly, it also seems that local authorities in London are also giving out more tickets to emergency vehicles for doing things such as using bus lanes, parking in particular places and so on. So, it's not as if we're driving in a supportive environment either. Just wondered what other peoples thoughts are on the issue?
  7. Apoligies for being what some might view as annoyingly curious, but may I ask what vehicles the land of gated houses and golden deers are currently using? I'm aware that the current force (from what the internets tells me) are using the following: (Pardon me if any of these are no longer being used, hard to find info on them hence me coming here :D) 5th Gen Vauxhall Astra's 6th Gen Vauxhall Astra's 1st Gen Mercedes Sprinter 2008 Vauxhall Insignia Ford S-Max Vauxhall Vivaro Vauxhall Vectra C (Facelift) Volvo V70 Vauxhall Omega (Backup Firearms) BMW 5 Series (Cannot find model number) Land Rover Defender Armoured Land Rover (unaware if they still carry PANGOLIN name) I'm only asking because I'm updating all my cars in GTA IV to the Hertfordshire fleet, due to the fact that the Met police clan I was recently in went down the swanny.
  8. Hi all, I've heard people refer to BTP "Area Cars" recently, however someone told me that the BTP does not offer level 1 or level 2 driving and that all they offer is level 3 (as response) and level 4 (basic driving). So, I've got two questions:- 1. What is a BTP "Area Car" and what does it do? 2. Do BTP offer level 1 or level 2 driving - if so, what do those drivers do that's different to the level 3 drivers? Thanks
  9. This story has been getting a lot of attention in the office this week http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/police-warn-of-illegal-searches-in-bid-to-meet-new-targets.23075910 In general it has been about the ongoing debate around 'stop search' and what is and isn't correct. The stand out part for me was this A 20% increase in any type of offence would usually result in outcry but this seems to be something the force are proud of. A rather costly side effect could be the hit Scottish motorists take in the pocket when they go to renew their insurance. Insurance companies calculate a lot of their quotes based on the level of crime in an area and in particular motoring offences. To them it will look like Scotland is over run with unsafe, irresponsible drivers and they will understandably look to mitigate their risk through increasing premiums. Any other thoughts on this? Are motorists being unfairly hounded?
  10. Hi all, So Today in the morning as I was out and about, I went past 2 parked Flatbed Lorries. Additionally to all the Yellow flashing lights (looked like a Christmas Tree), I saw 2 Rear Reds Flashing at the back. First I thought it was just a defective brake light or something similar, but then I've noticed that they were 2 Grilles/ Surface Mounts. As we all know, Flashing Rear Reds should only be used on Emergency vehicles. So what's is your option, If you were on-duty, Would you have stopped and looked into it? And if 2 of the company (Didn't catch the company name) Lorries had them, I guess there are more lorries on the fleet with RR.
  11. If anyone has any requests please post them in here, looking for work at the moment since the recent met clan I was in dissolving because the leader was accepted as a Met Special. I'll also use this topic to show off any of my latest work for personal use, though I will release if requested.
  12. I was having a bit of a stare into a vacant space last night and thinking about work on a rest day (mental, I know)... One thing that we all complain about on this forum is people driving on Mobile Phones and people that don't have insurance, I had a "What if" moment so please bare with me as I've not thought it through with all it's loopholes etc. So we all have insurance to drive, with that insurance comes caveats about what it will and won't cover and as Constables we have the power to seize uninsured vehicles. What if there was a piece of legislation that stated that because one of the T&Cs of your Insurance was to drive within the realms of the RTA, Driving on your mobile phone would breach your insurance and as such you would not have insurance whilst you were on the phone. So when you're pulled over you're liable to having your vehicle seized because you'd breached your insurance and it no longer covered you. It's a bit of a mad one and would never pass but, would it be useful?
  13. thought the officers dealt with it well though the guy dragged it out big time. part 1. part 2. part 3. and here's a video of him explaining in a little detail how he apparently gets around the whole inconvenience of playing by the rules. Where has this "freeman" effect come from and to what degree is there an element of truth in what they believe in? Until i had visited this site i had never heard of it and am surprised at how many times it crops up.
  14. Hi all! So I was strong-armed by my girlfriend last night into watching "Barely Legal Drivers" on BBC3 - here's a link if anyone hasn't seen it - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rs1tz Apart from being appalled by some of the drivers (I'm sure some of you serving in the force have some stories about bad driving!) there was a clip where it showed the passengers in one car drinking bottles of beer whilst on the motorway. Now, I was always told (as a citizen) that it was illegal to have open containers of alcohol in the car but the programme never alluded to any wrong-doing. Is there any specific offence which the passengers have committed or is it totally legal? I assume that the driver would be committing an offense such as driving without due care and attention or similar if they were to consume alcohol, assuming they were under the limit? Thanks! James
  15. This is a predicament. I own a nice 11-year old car (in very good condition, only c25K miles on the clock) which about 18 months ago I lent to a ex family friend so he could drive to and from work in London ~ the journey would have been awkward on public transport. The borrower was registered as keeper so he became responsible for expenses; we ticked the box "keeper" on the application to DVLA. About March/April 2013 I requested the car be returned to me; the borrower agreed but did not return the car until early July 2013 (after he had lost his job). Late in July 2013 I applied to be registered at DVLA as keeper then I took my car for service and MOT; the former borrower followed me to the service centre and flashing the logbook in his name and his driver's licence, persuaded the service centre owner to release the car to him. DVLA had and still have not registered me as keeper (they have a backlog). The garage owner also gave the former borrower my set of car keys. The former borrower refuses to give the car back to me on the basis that he is the registered keeper. The Metropolitan Police have declined to get involved asserting that this is a civil matter. The Met did advise me that I could simply have the car towed (I know where the borrower keeps it on the street near his home). The dealership I bought the car from is willing to provide me with a replacement key which will they say unlock the steering wheel (but not start the car, because of the immobilzer) so the car can be towed to the dealership where the replacement key will be programmed with the immobilizer data so that the key can be used to ignite the motor. My concern is that if I have the car towed, the borrower will call the Met who will treat the matter as theft (despite their previous advice, if the borrower asserts ownership such an outcome is possible I suppose) or TWOC and/or that the borrower on reporting the matter to the Met will (through ANPR for instance) tell him where the car is and then the borrower will repeat his trick at the dealership of demanding return of the car of which he is the registered keeper. I could get the dealership to change the locks completely but the borrower as registered keeper could get them changed back. Hurry up DVLA! but they have now asked if I still have the car (it seems that they heard from the service [and MOT] centre owner and have doubts as to who has the car): I don't still have it but once I get it towed I will have it. If I do get the car towed, what do I do with the borrower's tax disc and residents' parking permit: return them to him in the post perhaps. And round and round I go, with my head spinning! Does anyone have absolutely anything at all to say about this?!? All comments gratefully received. My username here is Blastproof but I don't feel that way at all !
  16. Hi! Couldn't see a simple forum that can be applied to Hampshire constabulary regarding specials and driving. There probably is somewhere but am fairly new so haven't got to grips with the site yet. My question is what are the rules relating to specials being able to drive police cars if there are any? Is age a factor at all? Is the length of service a factor? What sort of cars can they drive? Look forward to hearing the answers to this. Thanks!
  17. sierraoscar1

    Best Everyday Police Car?

    If you were in charge of choosing your force's Beat/Response car, which would it be. Taking into account: Price Reliability Practicality ect
  18. Searched but couldn't find this posted previously.
  19. Morning all, With the new driving standards now up and running I wanted to raise the question regarding specials driving, as it used to stand after gaining indpt status as long as your DO put you forward for it you could get your A to B ticket and then move on to compliant stop. Now with the new standards that bring hants up to TVP standards LLR has gone and as specials we weren't aloud to response drive, but with the new driving standards there is A to B and then the standard course which includes both compliant stop and Response my question is will specials be put through the standard ticket so they can still do complaint stops with a view to being able to do G1 runs in the future like wilts specials ? What are your thoughts ?
  20. Image at the link, looks quite serious.
  21. StJohnAmbulanceCadet

    St John Ambulance Cadets

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  22. There's a Panorama on tonight regarding response times. Be prepared for some tasty statistics! Here's an accompanying article for BBC News: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19455784 8:30pm, be there.
  23. It's good to see the topic (or should I say issue) of Specials and response training come to light in the latest edition of frontline as per edition 171 page 16. The reply from the Superintendent John in my opinion is weak and somewhat misses the point though. Firstly, the officer submitting the letter Mike Elkins makes reference to TPT/RPU officers only been given response training. Superintendent John in his reply states that he is not aware of Specials in RPU been trained in response - SC Elkins clearly didn't mean that. Secondly, I was under the impression that training I have received and experience I have gained over my career of years has equipped me to deal with incidents, including grade ones. Superintendent John's assertion that "we need to be sure the officer has received the level of training to be equipped to deal with the appropriate incident" makes me question otherwise though: what has all the training and experience been for? My training and experience allows me to deal with grade ones and be the first on the scene where I work in the city centre by foot (or occasionally by vehicle if I am close by). However, put me in a vehicle that is some distance away and could benefit from been driven on a response run and all of a sudden I am not equipped to deal with the appropriate incident or had the right training? I know I have simplified the argument somewhat, but that's what it boils down to and it infuriates me. If Superintendent John feels we aren’t trained and equipped to deal with incidents why don't the Constabulary remedy this? The need to make sure implies some kind of test/ judgement is needed? Why not discuss and create what such a judgement would involve – how can we ensure that we are trained and equipped? I agree and I recognise the cultural change and improvement that has been the allowance of Specials to complete the five day initial car course. However, this is only a step in the right direction. Bring us in line with other police forces and offer the initial response training. In fact, bring us in line with other emergency services that allow their volunteers to respond to incidents: retained fire fighters respond on blues and so do the NHS voluntary co responders. Likewise do mountain rescue volunteers who respond in an ambulance capacity. Come to think of it so do BASIC’s doctors! Of course in the financial climate things need to be carefully considered, but the initial response course for specials can still work out. As per the initial five day course, specials are required to agree and affirm their long term commitment to the role etc. The courses could involve board interviews to ensure that only those that are most committed to the constabulary get a course. Furthermore, if the force was that worried about the financial returns I'm sure most specials would be happy to pay a deposit of x amount, to only be returned to them after say x amount of months of passing the course. Right, I've sounded off now. I best get back in the box before the powers that be silence my tongue!
  24. Within the depths of the 'miscellaneous forces' section of the forum lies a thread about these chaps: <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airport_policing_in_the_United_Kingdom#British_Airports_Authority_Constabulary">British Airports Authority Constabulary This force was a private police service (similar to how BTP is run) who's purpose was to police all BAA operated airports, officers who were sworn into the force enjoyed full powers of a constable on BAA property. Little else is known about them and the wiki article doesnt really have too much information about them (I believe it was a member of this very forum who may have written the article.) Now the official reason for the force being disbanded was that they didnt have the authority to carry firearms on duty after some form of unspecified 'terrorist scare' in the early 70's which led to the army being deployed to Heathrow. The Met police did what they do best and took over Heathrow airport from the BAA Police which inturn led to a legislation change disbanding the force nation-wide. Now this strikes me as very odd... The airports are a KEY infrastructure within the UK, so having various Home Office police forces policing each individual airports to me doesnt make sense for a number of reasons: 1. Intelligence isnt to a national scale and has to be passed from force to force. 2. Costly to the tax payer (I know the airports/BAA/Airlines contribute to policing) 3. Specialisation and tactics across the country wont be the same for each airport from force to force (infact I know SYP has cut back on its officers based out of Robinhood.) 4. With the budget cuts would HO cops not be better suited to policing their communities/back on response? Is it just me or would it not make sense to re-establish a national police service for the airports with a national remit (who were authorised to carry firearms) this now seems like a mute point since BTP (a private force) now has a firearms team set up in London, which we never had before. Would it be worth merging the duties with the MDP (a fully armed service) or even BTP (now that we have a firearms capability.) Thoughts/Opinions on this? Figured it'd make a cool little discussion. ((Edit: For some reason everytime I try and link the wiki article it deletes my thread - weird))