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Police Force

Found 21 results

  1. A colleague has approached me who isn't on the forum, they're doing their first ever L2 course and want to know some do's and do not's and any helpful tips you fine lot may have for them? FYI: I will be sending screenshots of your posts to them but I will remove everything other than the raw text which you write. (No usernames, forum URLs, etc) Cheers
  2. Hi All, Firstly a huge thank you to all who are currently serving this Country, under any role that is currently within a police force, I truly admire what you represent. My joining this site is very recent, and a last port of call if I am completely honest. I have had to many knockbacks now over the years, but most recent is vetting. I am told as an external applicant that I have no right of appeal, & that section 6 of some type of act 1996 there is no reason to disclose the decision to myself. Added to this, I am informed that under no circumstances, in any capacity or post am I able to apply to this force again, I am stunned!. I have sought local assistance via my local MP, which at first looked promising etc, with the avenue of data protection, right of appeal, subject to access form etc.............. Sadly this concluded my MP informed me with the Chief Constable himself explaining via telephone, that the decision was final, that I am not of suitability in the role of constable and there was no right of appeal? Is there anyone out there, that can look at this ethically and explain to me where I go now. I am confused, as I currently work as a volunteer in an organisation that works from the same office as police. So I can pass a CRB but not vetting? Confused.......................? Appreciate any advice
  3. DCP-SC

    PNB Covers & Extras?

    Hi all, I am new Special Constable, currently in training. Loving every minute of it and enjoying learning everything. I have been issued most of my kit including PNB. However, I am finding it very frustrating completing PNB entries as it is so flimsy. Does anyone have any suggestions that doesn't make it 40 times larger (i.e some of the covers I've seen). Also; what do people carry in their PNBs? I note on a previous post someone shared their list of inserts but this was for paying forum users only, to which I am not. Plus, as most things need to be force specific would only be after 'rough ideas' of what people have, if any. So PS - I am wondering this; - Do you have a cover for your PNB? - Do you have extras within your PNB that help you remember things? Thanks very much, DCP-SC. Edit: Mine is a flip over, as opposed to a book style.. (if that helps)
  4. PSCBen Brooker

    Advanced Driving

    Hi Everyone, I am a police officer coming through the specials process at the moment (I have been accepted and start training in November) 1) I currently only hold a Full Manual Licence. Am I going to be more attractive to the police regulars if i undertake special driving courses or broaden the vehicles i'm able to drive for example maybe getting my Motorbike licence or undertaking a ROSPA advance driving course? 2) As someone with medical knowledge I could carry extra items and responded to medical emergencies as well. Would this knowledge put me 'ahead in the queue when it comes to driving with the police as you are more useful, if you get what i'm saying? 3) If i undertake driving courses and they cross with what you have to completed in the police later down the line for example a traffic cop, would you have to re-do them, i don't want to waste money....... 4) How long until you start driving solo patrol in the specials, is it part of training/ force specific? Thank you for your answers everyone!
  5. Ello Ello Ello everyone!, I just had a question about the life of a police officer / police special. Do the police run sports clubs/ regular activities for its officers/ workers. I'm very interested to know more about the family life of being an officer outside the uniform. I know forces run ten pin bowling tournaments / leagues as seen on this link https://sites.google.com/site/britishpolicetenpinbowling/ But i would be very interested to know if your force runs anything else, like football teams, rugby teams/ anything from quiz nights to weekend hikes! also is this open to everyone or just the regulars. I ask because i would very much like to get involved in all of this with my future family as I am starting out as a special with a view to transfer to the regulars once i have experience in independent patrol. Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  6. Klaus_ZD

    Dorchester Event

    Hello, Is there anyone on here who specials in or near Dorchester? I'm helping organise something down that way later this month and could use the help of some local officers. Please drop me a PM if you're an SC or PC in the area. Thanks
  7. Most powerful group's officials say they question the continued benefit of being part of the staff association. The Met Police Federation is considering splitting from the national staff association The largest and most powerful branch in the Police Federation of England and Wales is looking at breaking away from the rest of the staff association, Police Oracle can reveal. The Metropolitan Police Federation is examining its options after reps became increasingly frustrated with how the national organisation is run. The issue has come to the fore just days before the association’s annual conference takes place in Birmingham. Met Fed Chairman Ken Marsh confirmed to Police Oracle the branch has been carrying out scoping work on the possibility. Among the issues he says have prompted the move are the pace of the Normington reforms – especially in relation to finance - and the associated costs of spending on consultants. He also said the negotiating power of the Met might be greater if it was its own entity, arguing for things such as an increase in London Weighting. “All I’ve ever wanted since I took over is to provide a good service to cops. I think we have done that locally in the Met, I don’t think we get that from the PFEW,” he said. The branch is by far the largest within the Police Federation and generates a significant proportion of its income. On Thursday afternoon chairman Steve White sent an email to reps at its national board and national council telling them rumours have been circulating about a Met Fed breakaway. With it, he attached a letter he had sent to Met Fed officials requesting they clarify their position. In the email Mr White said: “I did not want a situation going into conference where we were distracted from the important business of protecting the protectors by unsubstantiated rumour. “I have asked the question on behalf of the organisation and we will get a reply.” After the email was forwarded to Police Oracle, our reporter contacted Mr Marsh who said he had now been put in a position where he may as well speak about the issue. “We’ve been scoping it for quite a while. Twelve sergeants sat at a [meeting] and asked Paul [Deller, general secretary] and I to scope it,” he said. “The Met Police Federation is a bigger organisation than Scotland and Northern Ireland. They are not part of PFEW, Wales might not be when they get devolution, and we’re bigger than them.” Among his frustrations is the money held in local branch accounts, or so-called “number two” accounts, which Sir David Normington identified in 2014 as needing to be published. A recent checklist published by the national Fed describes this reform as “complete”, however the regulation is yet to be updated by the Home Office. Mr Marsh said: “We want to be in a position where it’s all for one and one for all, but we are not going to be part of something where we hand over £8 million from our reserves when there’s little forces keeping millions in reserves and carparks and everything else.” Mr White’s email also says: “I understand discussions have included ways to circumvent the current position that this would not be supported by the Home Secretary. I know that you will be aware of how damaging rumour can be.” Mr Marsh says while he would prefer for the changes to be made via regulations through the Home Office, other methods may be possible – such as withholding payment from the national body, and said he thinks the plan might have political supporters. “We haven’t got anything to lose from this, unlike the rest of the country if they lost the Met,” he said. In his letter to the Met officials, which was forwarded to Police Oracle on Friday morning, Mr White said the branch is important to him. “As we near the completion of the review and as we get to grips with a new way of managing our collective finance, to provide best value for our members, I know that the Metropolitan Federation view is one shared by many in relation to “number 2” accounts and the like. I am certain that by working together we can resolve these issues. “The Metropolitan Federation is hugely important and influential and should be front and centre in helping the organisation change for the better. I want to know how I can help to give you confidence that this is the case, and reassure you of the importance that attach to every constituent part of the Police Federation of England and Wales,” he said. In a recent interview with Police Oracle, national general secretary Andy Fittes said he was happy with the work done so far but stressed the “complicated process” cannot be rushed. He was hitting back at sentiments from Greater Manchester and Hampshire Fed chairmen who criticised the time the process was taking, and the money being spent on consultants. View on Police Oracle
  8. Thousands of police officers are expected to assemble in London for the funeral of the PC murdered in the Westminster terror attack. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/pc-keith-palmer-funeral-5000-police-officers-set-to-line-streets-to-remember-heroic-westminster-a3510976.html Anyone from Police Specials going to London tomorrow? I understand officers across the U.K. are being asked to partake in a two minutes silence, at 2pm, at the front of their police stations (where possible).
  9. Police officers have started using a car-sharing club which could cut costs and the size of its own fleet, The Scotsman has learned. http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/police-start-using-car-sharing-club-vehicles-to-cut-costs-1-4409251 Interesting move, hopefully it works out cheaper!
  10. A police helicopter base serving Cambridgeshire is closing - but residents will now see fixed wing aircraft chasing criminals for the first time. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/criminals-chased-police-aeroplanes-cambridgeshire-12758419
  11. MPotter

    Copblocking tips

    Hi, I would like some advice as to how I should film Police when I'm next in the main NTE zone of my local city centre. Specifically in your opinions is it a good idea to walk up and down the street looking for officers dealing with incidents or am I better off finding a group of officers and accompanying them? If the latter is the best then should I follow the officers around or join another group of officers when they walk off? I've also heard from a Sgt that my local force offer a program where you can officially accompany a team of officers for the day. What's the difference (from your point of view) between that and simply following a group of officers? Does it make you feel uneasy when a MOP simply follows you and your colleagues around?
  12. You are a female officer who finds yourself dealing with a male known to have "unhealthy addictions to female officers" as per intel systems. Do you do anything differently? If so then what?
  13. MPotter

    Fake Ambulance Service Car

    You are on vehicle patrol when you receive intelligence via the control room stating that the Ambulance service have let them know that someone has called them to report that someone is driving an Ambulance service car down a motorway in another county headed in the direction of your force area. Shortly after you see the "Ambulance" and call it in to control. The "Ambulance" overtakes you and activates it's blue lights. You activate your blue lights and pull the "Ambulance" over. The driver complies and is dressed as a member of the Ambulance service. However he won't produce any ID or his driving licence on request but gives his name and address on request. You confirm that he has a full driving licence. What do you do?
  14. Chief says attacks on officers should attract appropriate sanction from the criminal justice system. A chief constable has said he is increasingly concerned about the “terrifying circumstances” officers are finding themselves in. Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale said that those who put their own safety on the line to protect the public should not have to deal with unacceptable assaults or attacks. Latest figures by the Police Federation of England and Wales suggest there are potentially more than two million unarmed physical assaults on officers over a 12 month period and that an assault happens every four minutes. Data for Wiltshire revealed that 72 per cent of respondents to the Police Federation's Welfare survey had been a victim of unarmed physical violence at least once in the last year, while 36 per cent said someone had used a deadly weapon against at least once in the same time period. “Every day, brave and dedicated officers and staff face difficult, demanding and sometimes dangerous situations that the majority of the public thankfully may never have to witness or deal with,” said cc Veale. “While those in public services may run towards danger when others run away, that is no reason to believe that assaults are an accepted part of the job, or an occupational hazard of being a police officer or police staff member. “They are criminal assaults which should attract appropriate sanction from the criminal justice system which should be delivered swiftly and commensurately with not just the injuries sustained, but the incredible fear my colleagues can sometimes face.” CC Veale said that he personally speaks to any officers and staff who have been assaulted or inured on duty and that at the time of writing he had six emails in his inbox notifying him of officers and staff injured in recent days. He added during his time as chief, resources and capacity within occupational health facilities has increased and he delivers compensation directly to any officer who is awarded it by the courts following an assault, instead of them waiting months to receive it from the attacker. “I have also made a commitment to increase officers and staff protective equipment so they can protect themselves better. I now have 800 body worn cameras which will be deployed to my operational officers and staff so that we can more accurately capture evidence of criminality, which includes abuse and threats to my officers and staff,” he said. View on Police Oracle
  15. PCW

    Direct Entry

    Direct Entry to Inspector Level Programme 2017 Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are proud to be a part of the Direct Entry to Inspector Level Programme 2017, in partnership with College of Policing. The Direct entry scheme aims to target successful individuals who will bring new skills, perspectives and a breadth of experience to the Alliance. We are committed to the continuing development of the organisation and adapting to the developing pressures in today's society. The direct entry inspector programme aims to attract a diverse range of the population who can use their experience to develop a new, challenging and rewarding career. This role will be the same as an operational police officer, after 2 years progressing to the rank of Inspector. Life in the Police Force is not like a regular job, and its combination of excitement, variation and challenges make it a unique career path. Full article here: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/28132/Direct-Entry-to-Inspector-Level-Programme-2017
  16. Ever considered becoming a Special Constable? Can you give up 16 hours a month (4 hours per week) to help safeguard your community? Dyfed Powys Police is looking for enthusiastic people who have a special quality and are willing to volunteer their time to join the force as Special Constables in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Powys. Working as a Special Constable can be done alongside studying, other employment or in retirement. You can use your experience from jobs and life to provide a different perspective and way of looking at some of our policing challenges. You will receive the necessary and appropriate training to allow you work alongside full-time police officers. You will have the same powers as a police officer whilst on duty, and help provide a link between the police and local communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, gain new experiences, work with others and give something to the community. An application pack and further information about the role is available on our website:- https://www.dyfed-powys.police.uk/en/join-the-police/special-constables/ To apply, please complete and return the Special Constable Application form prior to the deadline date. Deadline Date: Friday 6 January 2017
  17. Complaints against the police As a forum we welcome differing points of view and constructive criticism. Our members come from all walks of life and from all over the world, and hold a wide range of views on all sorts of issues. You are welcome to make ‘critical’ posts; however before you do so a few points should be borne in mind: Personal and specific complaints If you want to make a complaint against the police, you should contact the Professional Standards Department of that Force directly with an official complaint (this will be explained on the Force website). Police Specials is a recreational forum used by police members and non police members alike- our members are not aware of the full facts of any such incident, and in any case this forum is unable to offer any practical help. The members may be able to shed light on peripheral policing details, but- much as you would not report a crime on this website- this is not the place to try and hold people responsible or to make your complaint known. General policy and procedure complaints If you would like to discuss the actions of the police in a news story or video clip, or the implications of a particular law or policy, then please do so- this creates excellent discussion topics. However, please be mindful of how you conduct yourself, as we expect our members to display a high standard of behaviour. Posts which discuss a topic calmly and engage with other points of view are welcome, posts which are hectoring and offensive are not. Furthermore, if you or someone you know has been the subject of a police investigation, you acknowledge that it has proceeded correctly according to law and policy, and you are nevertheless upset or dissatisfied- please consider what you hope to gain from posting about it on this forum. Our members may be able to offer reassurance, explain some confusing details, or enter into a debate about the wider legal issues. However, once again we are unable to offer any practical assistance and we cannot change the investigation or personally update the law. Regards, Police Specials Team
  18. Now, where do I begin! I decided to do 2 8 hour shifts to make up my hours, to think I wasn't bothered about the shifts I was wrong. My first night I was paired up with a new constable from another force, it was nice as it was somebody new to talk to (make sure you get to know everyone, they're going to be your new family) Our first call, we blue lighted it to the call, it was a dropped 999 call so we blued and two'd it to the destination, it still puts a huge grin on my face even though I'm only 3 months in service. As we got there in turned out to be a domestic where a woman had beaten her husband nearly to death. I don't care what anyone says short of going to a scene where somebody has died, domestics are probably the worst jobs you can go to. This is where your resilience will definitely come in handy. We arrested the female and took her to the station, she was laughing and joking about what she'd done. It later turned out that she'd split his skull open and broke 4 of his ribs. My colleague was finishing so I stayed on, until finish. As there was no-one in the station I could go out with, it was organised for me to go on Response again but with a sister station to us. I love response, I've only done it twice but if you get the chance take it, you'll really learn stuff. We went to a few calls of fights and under-age drinking, however it was an hour before we were both finishing and we got a emergency call to go to a burglary in progress, I'd been to places which had been broken into but not one in progress, my heart started pounding as I could feel the adrenaline starting to kick in. I replied over our radio and that was it, fast driving, blues and two's were on and we were gone. When we arrived we could hear glass breaking inside the house, I drew my baton and reached for my CS just in case we slowly entered the building. As both me and my colleague searched downstairs a floorboard twisted indicating that there was movement upstairs we both shouted POLICE at the tops of our voices, at that point I saw someone land on the grass in the garden, I was gone off the chase was on. My colleague called for the dogs and then was after the other person. I felt like my heart was going to explode, I was running faster than I'd ever run before through gardens and driveways. As a keen rugby player I caught him and made one of the best tackles of my life. Before he could utter a word he was handcuffed and cautioned. His friend got a way meaning we had both the dogs and a helicopter out. He was later found around 30 minutes after. I finished 2 hours after I should have, but I wasn't bothered I'd got another arrest and a damn good one at that. My second shift was spent with a traffic officer, this was just as fun as I have a keen interest in cars. If you get offered to do this, take it, you will learn more in a shift with traffic than in 5-10 shifts dealing with traffic. Our night was mainly spent checking cars and taking response calls when not busy. Hope this entertains you all, and if you have any questions regarding being a special or recruitment, I'll try and answer them as best I can. Adz :thumbsup:
  19. Hi Guys, So thought I'd add some more to my diary as I can see a lot of people seem to what to know what you do once you've completed training. Hope this helps. So once I'd completed training I was extremely excited but nervous too, no more playing any more, what I do now actually means something. The day after my attestation I was straight on the phone to my senior section officer asking for shifts, he was quoting me 3 weeks before I could come in. Pfft I thought, I wanted to get out with my new uniform and use everything I'd learnt. About 2 minutes after I put the phone down I had a sergeant phoning me asking if I could come in on Friday night and he'll show me round and put me out on shift. Well I thought, of course I'll accept, you couldn't stop me. Friday came around, and I went to my station I nervously got my things out of my car and walked over to the help-desk asking for my sergeant. I was greeted by him and got told to put on my uniform including stabvest. I was then shown to our main hub and invited into a team briefing. The sergeant announced I was the new special, everyone said Hi and that was that. I was tasked with another special and we went out on active duty. This was it, I was a real police officer and I was doing real Police things. The officer 'Tom' told me we'd have to make a quick trip up to another station and I'd be given all my admin stuff like Fixed Penalty Notices, Stop & Search forms etc. I was also given my CS and Pocketbook. That was it for that night, I only did a couple of hours but already I could see that I was going to like this. Just driving past people in a police van gave me such a feeling of power and responsibility. In that these people were relying on us to go and help them in there hour of need. When I was a young boy I used to try and listen to the police radio's through our all tape machine, every so often you'd hear a crackle of police officers talking to the Comms, but now, I was listening to it through my earpiece. My second shift was fantastic was very different, My sergeant told me it would be very beneficial for me to come in as we did drugs raids on various pubs around our force area. (I was very lucky to be allowed this, but it was a great experience and real 'eye' opener.) I had to use my airwaves terminal and my pocket book which was great. My sergeant was pushing me into situations I wasn't used to, like searching people and doing 117 checks. After we did the raids, we then went out on proactive patrol. It was fantastic! I got my first blue light run, it really is as great as it sounds. We did lots more stop and searches and went to some real jobs. I saw my first domestic (it's quite tough to deal with), car chases, pub fights and nuisance youths. So I'm now around 2 months in and I can honestly the best thing I've ever done. If you're considering don't give it a second thought. I got my first arrest which was awesome, it was for a warrant. As hard as you try I'm sure you'll forget your caution. A lot of the teams are very helpful and they'll help you obtain your first arrest, after that your on your own and it can get quite competitive. It really is true what your trainers say, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. If you get chance to take part in things, don't hesitate, it'll probably be fantastic for your training and your competencies, which you've to meet within 2 years.
  20. Obsidian_Eclipse

    A long time coming..

    Well, this is my first attempt at writing a 'blog' so I hope that its o.k. Early years Over half a decade ago I was working as a security guard in supermarkets and clothing retailers, it was a stop-gap from being at university to deciding what it was that I wanted to do in the future. It was probably the first job I had where I was left alone to do my own thing without being spoon-fed tasks or targets, in some ways I quite enjoyed it but time moved very slowly when you are stood on your feet for 12 hours, the highlight of the day was when a customer would speak to me about 'outside life' or when there was a potential shoplifter to follow. In the following years there must be about 6 pocket books filled with the dealings and descriptions of unruly kids and shoplifters, I am quite surprised by the amount that I'd written down at the time although I would hardly call it entertaining reading. This is probably the first real experiene I'd had with the police. Me or my colleague would catch a thief and then somehow ring 999 whilst avoiding being beaten, spat on or stabbed with a variety of objects from screwdrivers to sharpened credit cards! By some mirracle I managed to get by suffering only a broken finger (I had bought my own stab vest) but what always stuck with me were how quickly the dangerous person would quieten down when the police arrived! I couldn't understand how one minute we were rolling around on the floor and the next a bobby appeared and they'd be nice as pie. The police were always curtious and professional though, if not oblivious to the fracah which had just been taking place, there was always a deep seated worry that perhaps they thought I'd made up the violence just so they'd come quicker - no! It did happen! Getting Direction At this time I decided to investigate getting into the police force, it seemed like a long haul task to even fill in the application form never mind anything else, but my eye was drawn to the Special Constabulary - a volunteer police force which I didnt even know had existed. The only downside was that being a 'security gaurd' was a no no, so as part of my plan to get in I decided to look for work elsewhere - the security guarding held no glory whatsoever with lots of risk but little support, it seemed sad to think my life was on the line over protecting blocks of cheese and hunks of steak. And so, I left. New Beginnings In order to get work quickly I settled on a couple of employment agencies, I wont go into detail about the various jobs that I did as they were mostly dull but at least paid a wage. This is when I applied to the Specials in Notts, it was a difficult and nerve recking experience having to do so many tests and interviews but I hoped it would all be worth while. At the end of the tests we were segregated into two rooms, one room was a 'failure' and the other was a 'pass', I looked around at the people with me and thought well it looks as we've failed, there's only a few of us, the guy in the other room was a bank manager for goodness sake, surely he is in the pass crowd? Out of the 40 or so that took the tests, about 11 made it. I was one of those 11! That was half a decade ago... it seems barely a year and I have enjoyed every minute. However, the biggest hiccup and the one which has decided my fate in terms of becoming a regular officer occured about 2 and a half years ago and spelt the end of my paid job too. Something called M.E. ME Strikes Its hard to say what caused it. I blamed my busy life and the thought occured to me that maybe I was just doing to much, afterall I didnt even believe in the illness! M.E. thats that made up 'yuppy flu' isnt it? I would tell myself. But no. It was real and it began to take everything away from me that I cherished piece by piece until one day I couldnt function at all, it seemed as though I'd lost my soul and was left with a husk. I remembered a year or so previous when I had been very poorly with repeated tonsilitis, larangitis, ear infections and chest infections. I had been to see the doctor. He had mentioned M.E. then.. something about a compromised immune system. Could it really be? Coming to terms with M.E. (or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrom) has taken many many years. It is something which strikes back with a vengence when your just making a little progress and you realise, despite protest, that every decision made from this day forward will have to factor in 'M.E.' somewhere along the lines. You have to start gradually with little hopes Oh! What joy I managed to have a shower today or I managed to concentrate and make a cup of tea! Doing anything else; leaving the house, meeting up with a friend, doing some work or playing a computer game were mile stones not yet on the horizon. The early days were tough because I didnt know what to expect, sometimes it was like looking through a thick curtain onto a bright sunny day where you were immersed in breathless swelter, every action seemed to have an exagerated consequence which seriously made you consider your existance akin to the circles of hell where you would be tormented forever more. Other times were a sad glimmer of life before M.E. when you could just about manage to do normal sunday morning activities.. There was always a 'but' though. A huge 'but'. It butted in when you least needed it and pillaged everything that you'd built up through the 'glimmer'. Fantastic muscle aches, sleeplessness, nausia and random allergic reactions - it seemed like even the air would trigger asthma or ring your eyes sore. You'd know, right then and there that this was pay-back for a forbidden activity you'd done the days before, but right now, even the passage of an ounce of thought through a neuron was so painful you didnt even try to think about it. I'll let you know next time how the Police has saved me from my hell. It was still a roller-coasting ride and at times I thought I'd never manage, but I did Oh! Why is my first chapter called "A long time coming.."? Well, my tortured wife tried to get me to keep a diary years ago and so in respect I've taken far too long. Without her I wouldnt be here today and so I must mention that and immortalise it on t'internet.
  21. Giraffe

    A new week, a new uniform...

    Well not an awful lot has happened since my last update. I've been on duty a few times, and also (along with Chuckster and others) assessed another group of fresh faced recruits at Mount Browne (Surrey Police's HQ) to see if they have what it takes to be a Special Constable in Surrey. Last Friday I had my final interview to become a regular officer with the City of London Police. There were definitely areas I felt I could have done better on, and I don't think it was down to a lack of preparation, just nerves on the day (it was competency based like in the assessment centre interview). Still, I gave it my best and when all said and done I have passed the assessment centre and know I have what it takes to be a regular officer. Most forces after all don't conduct a final interview, and normally when you pass the assessment centre then you are virtually in. The only stages I have left to go are fitness and medical, both of which I know will not be a problem. On a lighter note I went on duty yesterday afternoon, and when I arrived I found a letter waiting for me from the Superintendent advising that I have been put forward for a Commendation over the incident at the petrol station a few weeks back. Apparently a panel will review it to decide if I've earned it, so we shall see! And finally, Surrey move over to the new national uniform today (black wicking tops and combat trousers). I'm next on duty Wednesday evening, so it will be interesting to see people's reaction to it, but I doubt many people will notice if I'm honest. Thanks for reading!