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  1. Rijack

    Pocket Notebook Queries

    Definitely try and do something! I've had mine about 9 weeks (and only through training) - putting it in and out of my bag has taken the cover off
  2. Rijack

    Routine Arming of Officers

    Hasn't this topic appeared again recently in recent polls? Something like "majority of police officers are prepared to carry guns" - 55% up 11%. I believe i saw it in the Guardian but not sure if i'm allowed to post links so i wont just yet! I realise this is probably also in the news section but i haven't wondered that far around the forums yet.. Snippet below:
  3. Rijack

    Dutysheet app

    We use DutySheet in Beds. App always seems to kick me out of my phone though and i have to verify / add my phone again! For now i'm just sticking to the website.. Although it's very handy just being able to tap off duty easily etc.
  4. Rijack

    (Yet another) vetting query

    Mine came back and i'm good to go. All in all a very fast process - applied in May, first induction day is this Saturday (29th). Can't wait!
  5. Rijack

    Bedfordshire Specials Recruitment

    Final offer on the way this week! Exciting times. Training due to start on 29th July. Overall a very quick process from my perspective. Must have been one of the lucky ones.
  6. Rijack

    Medical / Drugs testing

    Interesting that the approach was different from your time as a Special compared to joining the regulars - although i imagine when joining the regulars the person is relying on it as a paid career so the expense of testing hair over urine could be more justified. Do they test the urine just with a dip stick or does it get sent off? Just thinking maybe my urine did get tested if dip sticks cover a wide variety of areas but she just threw it away afterwards and my initial assumption is it would get sent to a lab of some kind.
  7. Rijack

    Medical / Drugs testing

    Was that at your medical / OHU appt? Or at the fitness and bio metrics? To date i've given a saliva sample, fingerprints, urine sample but no hair. I read on here that not everyone actually gets tested so assume i was just one of the ones that didn't.. Unless there is another stage somewhere that you get invited back to for it? Was yours recent Beaker?
  8. Hi, Just thought i'd ask this as i had my medical today and to my surprise i didn't leave with missing hair! Although i did have to do a "duck walk" - first time for everything. I thought there was some kind of rule that as part of the recruitment process you had to a drugs test during your medical / OHU phase of recruitment? I did give a urine sample but they said that was only to test for things like sugars in the urine and when i asked the second person i saw about giving a hair sample he said in his time there he hadn't ever done that. Does it vary force to force? I've seen some posts around saying they also didn't give hair samples but most posts i find on this are a couple of years old. He also mentioned something about the cost of testing this way. I showed up prepared with any medicines i had taken as far back as i could remember - at least i was prepared i guess!
  9. Rijack

    (Yet another) vetting query

    Thanks both. So I guess I'll take no news as good news for the time being!
  10. Hi, I've tried having a search of the forum but there are so many vetting topics it could take forever to potentially not find anything.. When you go through vetting, will the force let you know if you have passed? Obviously they would if you fail but i'm just wondering if silence is best or whether i should email my recruitment contact to ask for any update? To date i've passed fitness and i have my medical this week. They are aiming to have us on training at the end of July which i'm very much looking forward to all being well! If it makes a difference, there were things i declared in my financial history from years ago as honesty is the best policy - would that potentially slow it down?
  11. Rijack


    I passed :D Submitted vetting, training selection dates, references etc. All last night. Just need to get my medical and eyesight done!
  12. Rijack

    Bedfordshire Specials Recruitment

    Well I passed Now on to vetting, medical etc!
  13. Rijack


    Thanks all for the messages / warm welcome. Assessment centre seemed to go very well. I made one or two silly mistakes that I know of on the written test. Interview seemed to fly by. Very natural and relaxed. Fingers crossed!
  14. Rijack

    Bedfordshire Specials Recruitment

    Hi NavyIce, Thanks for the reply. I think (/ hope!) it all went well today. The interview seemed to go very smoothly and i was able to answer every question, conversation seemed to be flowing. Written test I know for a fact i made one or two silly mistakes however there is no changing that now! Results in a couple of days I believe. Fingers crossed!
  15. Rijack


    Hello, Recently registered and have been doing some research on various threads about specials. Applied last week and have my assessment centre this week - faster turnaround time than i thought! Will see everyone round as it looks like these topics get closed quickly! -R