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  1. Provost

    Alternatives to SC?

    Fire service won't touch you with a heart condition but RNLI and search and rescue could be the ticket for you .
  2. Provost

    Chevrons and Pips for Special Ranks

    They seem to be doing very well . The Chiefs blog echoes a very positive and progressive force. City of London Police have worn regular rank insignia and sat exams for about 3 years now and they seem to be extremely well integrated with clear guidelines . My understanding is that the regulars were supportive of the insignia change as they found the SC bars confusing and wanted it simplified. There was a time when I thought the rank system was a bit pointless (even as a SSGT ) but it appears to now be a good retention tool for those wishing to remain in the sc . It is vital that it it backed up by the relevant development courses and opportunities for officers .
  3. Provost

    New Management

    Met him at event at HQ, very credible , great ideas ,full support of regular SLT and is in my opinion the most innovative and positive bloke to be in the hot seat in some time.
  4. Provost

    City Police recruiting SCs

    Check the COLP website , SC recruitment page has the correct contact details for enquiries .
  5. Provost

    New Management

    So our new SCO is now in post and no doubt trying to juggle his Police training to become a warranted officer with a plethora of HQ meetings including those next week . I haven't met the boss yet but it would appear he sounds keen to deliver a meaty plan over the next few years and nobody can deny that opportunities for development have been increased by our regular Inspector . For me it has illustrated that direct entry at senior level for SC is here. I would like to think the new SCO will have to obtain IPS so he obtains a real understanding of the process and front line policing but I doubt that he will ever get time for this with the role he occupies . I am sure the head shed have done all they need to ensure that we have the right man for the job. But what is everyone's thoughts SC direct entry ? Additionally I'm hopefully entering into a dual policing agreement with COLP . As part of this as I am a SSGT I will be required to sit the COLP Ospre type exam for SSGTs , personally I think it's a great idea to have it for SSGT and all ranks above but what are your thoughts on it ? Would it be something you would like to see in Herts ?
  6. Provost

    City Police recruiting SCs

    Holy thread resurrection Batman . I'm currently a substantive SSGT with a county force working in the city for my day job and have just received backing from my county to enter into dual policing agreement with CLSC so will hopefully be meeting with CLSC to get the ball rolling and working with you soon . TBH I have heard and read nothing but hugely positive things about COLP and it's approach towards its SC .