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  1. I'm a student so yeah, completely different!
  2. Just went through my induction last night - you've got some really exciting stuff headed your way!
  3. Met police took 2-3 months hahaha You guys are lucky
  4. ChanDummy

    Initial Interview

    Congrats! That's lightning fast compared to the Met lol Also interesting to see you have an AC AFTER your interview, completely different over here Well done for everything though When's the AC?
  5. ChanDummy

    Buying non issue Stab/ballistic vest.

    Poor OP is getting roasted on a nearly daily basis - very good entertainment I wonder if OP hasn't said anything because it's a prank or because he/she's embarrassed...
  6. ChanDummy

    AC this saturday 3 September

    I'm starting mid october with the Met, it's an exciting and sobering time. I keep watching reality police shows haha, Rookies anyone?
  7. ChanDummy

    I'm in!

    What does this mean, haha?
  8. ChanDummy

    AC this saturday 3 September

    How did it go?
  9. ChanDummy

    Vetting changes

    Why did you delete facebook?!
  10. ChanDummy

    BTP Initial Knowledge Pack Test

    Hi mate, Congrats on getting through the process! Hardly see BTP here, I don't think there's many BTP personnel around here What kind of stuff is in the info pack? The useful tips I heard for studying for the Met police were - Use pictures where you can in your notes to help you remember (and calm your nerves a little) - Use Mnemonics for lists etc. - Small, regular sessions of study is better than long, occasional studying Hope that helps, I'll try tailor it more once you tell me what kind of stuff you have to study, though! In the mean time, Good luck!
  11. ChanDummy

    Finally the wait is over

    Congrats mate, good luck with everything!
  12. Good luck mate - congrats on getting in!
  13. ChanDummy

    "Special friendly" boroughs?

    https://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php/topic/117981-unit-descriptions-and-links-to-borough-threads/ This has info on a lot of boroughs. It was quite fun to read haha. I've just been through the assessment process and it turned out my preferences weren't really important - they asked me as soon as I had passed where i wanted to be based and it was finalised... basically don't hold off applying just because you're not sure of your borough - it's by no means final.
  14. ChanDummy

    Attestation - the oath

    That's amazing, congrats and well done for making the transformation - It was probably your hard work and grit rather than any luck. If you don't mind me asking, which force you with? Have you served long?
  15. ChanDummy

    Attestation - the oath

    For me, it took a mid-university crisis (exams, goals etc) for me to make the first move to sign up for my dream career instead. I start training mid October