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  1. RYAN1234

    Types of Uniform

    Thanks for that, Ive got my current tac vest from hampshire which is black which was measured up due to my hip issues, just didn't know whether I could just use that one?
  2. RYAN1234

    Types of Uniform

    Hi Uniform in Herts with regards to stab vest, tac vests ect what is deal as I've seen a few wearing high vis yellow, but also a lot wearing black stab vest with black tac vest over the top? Is it all high vis stab vest now or is that only for high vis patrols, NTE sort of stuff.
  3. Hi Ryan, 

    I saw you joined as a special with Hampshire a while back. I was just wondering if you could give me a bit of detail on what to expect after my Gateway exam? Sorry the site wouldn't allow me to private message you!

    I finished my exam 2 weeks ago and I start foundation in April, what kind of time do you get issued with uniform etc? 


    1. RYAN1234


      Hi Mate 

      Sorry don't come on here often, uniform fitting is around 2 months before final PST session. PST is good fun once you get past the pressure point lesson, its all good from there.


  4. RYAN1234

    Gateway Exam

    Mate I revised all the definitions in the workbook that your given called Student Officer Revision Booklet, it has everything you need, plus in the exam you'll need to apply those definitions to the questions to help identify the answer, some people may say different but that's how I revised and I passed with 65% in November!
  5. RYAN1234

    Specials Assessment Day

    Mine included research into the force policies and aims. Also looking into the role of a special constable across the board not just in Hampshire but into other forces. It was around a page long which seemed to do the job as I attest in 3 months! R
  6. RYAN1234

    Audio Checking Psychometric Test

    I've worked in nightclubs for nearly 4 years now baring in mind the sound, my ears were fine in the test and have no problems what so ever. R
  7. RYAN1234

    Patrol Boots

    I'm at that stage to start looking for boots and I wanted to get some suggestions for boots which are lightweight and easy to run and not to high up the leg. Any suggestions? I've attached a picture of some boots that look suitable. Good or bad choice? R
  8. I've recently been issued my PNB (pocket notebook) by my force and I wanted to know the rules around hard backing it (protective case) or a cover for it as I can imagine a few rainy days and being in my kit bag it will get damaged as it's pretty flimsy. Does anybody have any additional info around this? R
  9. RYAN1234

    Gateway Exam

    Hi Passed everything now, medical, fitness, vetting and references and completed all of my theory training workshops, now just for the gateway exam! Anyone have any tips or guidance in relation to exam questions ect. Ryan
  10. RYAN1234

    Vetting changes

    for other work purposes (i'm a nightclub manager) and have 100 people a day messaging me for free entry, VIP, queue jump ect ect - very very annoying hence why I deleted it!
  11. RYAN1234

    Uniform fitting and equipment

    Well into my gateway training now, and being given dates for my foundation, but was wondering at what stages you receive uniform/ equipment, is this at the start of foundation or the end?
  12. Well into my gateway training now, and being given dates for my foundation, but was wondering at what stages you receive uniform/ equipment, is this at the start of foundation or the end?
  13. RYAN1234

    Vetting changes

    Well into my gateway training at the moment and awaiting vetting to be passed off, but I've just deactivated my facebook, shall I email recruitment to let them know that I've done this as I listed my username on the vetting forms?
  14. Does anyone have any info on what the rules are about being slightly colour blind or having colour deficiency? Can I still proceed or is it a no?
  15. Recently passed the assessment centre for specials in Hampshire, got my dates for my induction next month and for gateway training, but just looking for any more info and advice? Do we have a set uniform to wear or just smart clothing?