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  1. Can't agree with CC Skelly more. Working as a Wellbeing professional in the corporate sector I experience how improved mental and physical wellness benefit organisations on a daily basis. Both in terms of the people working within the organisation and those who are keen to work there. More and more companies are citing their wellbeing programme as a good reason to apply to work for them. Shame I didn't see the wellbeing co-ordinator advertised, I would have applied for that.
  2. Philbo

    Routine Arming of Officers

    If policing becomes so dangerous we all need to be armed then quite simply I won't be policing anymore, certainly not on a voluntary basis and I suspect most Specials will feel the same. Why would you want that level of risk? Firing a gun to kill someone or being fired at will change your life forever.
  3. Philbo

    Stab Vest Cleaning

    I was getting changed after a shift last week and one of the regs took off his vest and gave it a quick spray with a can of Right Guard. I asked him how often he washes it, to which he replied he hadn't. We worked out he had worn it every duty for 5 years which equates to about 10000 hours. Funnily enough he the took it home to wash after that.
  4. Philbo

    Help/advice needed please.

    I have a hearing issue over certain frequencies. I didn't have a hearing test during recruitment but have been to a hearing clinic at my local hospital since. It causes the odd issue with Airwaves but I've got a better earpiece which has improved things. I don't wear a hearing aid as this won't help my issue. I do however find it difficult to pick up certain sounds at low volume. Fyi I'm only in my forties. My local Fed provides advice to specials if required. They may be quite helpful if you approach them and maybe get you some support from occupational health. Since being diagnosed with some hearing loss I've noticed plenty of officers with hearing aids, it's not a big issue.
  5. Philbo

    Specials & Tasers

    I really can't see the need for Taser as things stand. In the last 12 months I haven't had a need to use my Pava and the only time I've drawn my baton is on my annual OST refresher. Additionally I've only asked for Taser/firearms support on one occasion as a precaution, and they were stood down on arrival. In my opinion I have enough tools at my disposal as a response officer. Recently my force was looking for 200 regulars to apply for Taser and I understand they weren't exactly queuing out of the door. If we're honest how often do we really need to use what we have? Is Taser overkill? I think so. There's plenty of other courses I would rather spend my free time doing such us MOE and Public Order given the opportunity.
  6. Your overall army behaviour record will account for a lot. I distinctly remember a friend of mine who left the army had a couple of blots on his record and was accepted into Surrey Police. It's accepted by many police forces that ex forces and army in particular may have the odd misdemeanour. His overall record was 'good' and that was deemed acceptable, however if you're ex RAF it had to be 'excellent'. Go to the recruitment event and ask them. Then put your application in and see if it gets through. Your army record may be called on and that may get you through. An FPN isn't an admission of guilt and isn't judged as bad behaviour. You can also contest it at the time. I wouldn't worry too much about a suit. Trousers and shirt will be fine. Although the police is a uniformed service, the uniform is increasingly casual. I.e. we'll all be in baseball caps in the next few months and we already wear mostly wear t-shirts.
  7. Where else in the world has a volunteer police service like our Special Constabulary? My work colleagues from other European countries just don't get how I can be a part time cop in my spare time and choose when I go on duty. I'm sure there must be other countries that offer similar although I doubt on the scale we do in the UK.
  8. Philbo

    Hep B Vaccination

    Surely your forces Occupation Health should arrange this. I work for a large OH provider and vaccines fall well within a employer's remit for work related risk. I'm going to do some digging around on this.
  9. Philbo

    Direct Entry

    Direct entry represents a massive opportunity for Specials with career experience who wouldn't join and couldn't afford to join at the entry level salary of a constable. There will be many people on this forum who are considering it.
  10. Philbo

    Quick and Easy Food

    Lol, I didn't think of that
  11. Philbo

    Quick and Easy Food

    It's simple and I'm serious with this. 1. Microwave a bowl of baked beans for 90 secs, make sure you put a lid on it. 2. Crack 2 eggs in a pint glass, whisk them up and microwave for 2 mins. Serve on a plate and garnish with ketchup, eat with a fork. So that's: 25g protein, plenty of fibre and at least one of your 5 a day all ready in less than 5 minutes. Low fat and low GI. Also works well for hot refs when on duty. Above all you have little washing up especially if you have a dishwasher.
  12. Philbo

    Basic Driving Test (A-to-B)

    Certainly force specific. My basic non op driving assessment was an hour drive under observation with plenty discussed at the end, mainly positive. And yes showing confidence is just as important as a competent drive. As it entitles you to drive a marked police car albeit A to B the perception the public have on police driving standards is crucial. Your observer may not pass you so treat it as you did your driving test. And don't forget to swot up on the highway code, especially road signs. I've since had training on a skid pan and ice hill, passed my basic operational and due to do the PSU van assessment next week, but if course you need the non op first.
  13. Philbo

    Hinged Handcuffs

    We have hinged and I generally find them very convenient. I understand only a handful of forces have them. As far as I'm concerned I don't know any different and they work well apart from the rare occasion when you may need to double cough. As far as the autolock baton goes they're the muts nuts, very agile piece of kit.
  14. Philbo

    Patrol Boots

    Nothing wrong with my standard issue Magnum Classics however I will go for a lower cut boot next time. I really don't see much advantage to the high cut boots which are a pain to get on and off, are heavy and generally cumbersome. I'm not sure those Under Armour boots pictured above would be uniform compliant and you certainly couldn't polish them up.
  15. Philbo


    That's a good question. Can the qualifications we gain along the way to Independant status be mapped to a NVQ or a level of higher education? I suspect if it was mapped you could hit a level 4 or maybe level 5 which is foundation degree level. Regardless it still looks bloody good on your CV.