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  1. Disguised

    Merged BOCU's

    Would be very interested to hear from officers on the boroughs already merged (CN, EA, SW) As most of us have no idea what's to come. Ours is coming together this September and I suspect most others will be around then. Thanks in advance guys.😎
  2. Disguised

    Experiences at Hendon

    Started my training 18th October 2015, posted to Bethnal Green on the 24 Sundays course. Half way through the course, Bethnal Green shut down as a training centre so we had to transfer to Richmond. All in all, Bethnal Green was a lovely centre with excellent trainers, wish I could say the same about Richmond but the whole of our class hated it. We joined another class who were two weeks behind so we had to do everything with them again. From the sounds of it though, the training hasn't improved in anyway and the MSC is suffering big time for numbers. (I wonder why?) Fingers crossed for the future eh.
  3. Disguised


    Black stones, it covers everything you need to know legislation wise.
  4. Disguised

    "Special friendly" boroughs?

    KF? I've had a different experience when I've come into contact with the PCs there ...
  5. Disguised

    "Special friendly" boroughs?

    Which borough is that then?
  6. Disguised

    "Special friendly" boroughs?

    And to top it off, regular officers seem to be treating specials with less respect and not appreciating the fact that we're giving up our FREE time to help out, even if it means we need to learn a few things off of them. On certain boroughs, the relationship between the MSC and Regular force is non existent. Phew, rant over!
  7. Disguised

    "Special friendly" boroughs?

    I genuinely don't think there is a single borough where specials enjoy the work they do. A lot of boroughs don't manage their specials properly and/or don't give them opportunities to experience the variety of policing. Also bearing in mind that specials are managed by other specials who either don't have enough time and energy to put into the development of their team or they generally just don't care. You just have to get in, find your own two feet and go with the flow, if your joining to get into the regs then just keep your head down and work hard. Forget all the politics behind it and just keep yourself to yourself. Good luck mate
  8. Disguised

    MSC Review

    Any news on this? We were promised another email on DS but have not heard anything yet. Anyone in the know?
  9. Disguised

    Whats Lambeth like to be a special in?

    Thought Waltham Forest was the best borough?!
  10. I do think it's unfair they included your street name and area in this article! Hopefully they'll remove it
  11. Disguised

    Whats Lambeth like to be a special in?

    Waltham Forest
  12. It seems all London boroughs are using parking charges to their advantage over motorists, London will soon be a city with no drivers... Oh well
  13. Disguised

    Whats Lambeth like to be a special in?

    Sounds like a busy borough for the wrong reasons, good luck Met1829 and anyone else joining!
  14. Disguised

    MSC - Day 1 Query

    Saad724, I had the same issue as you and they ended up asking the set of questions in the invitation letter. They may also ask you one other question to throw you off guard but it's nothing to worry about.
  15. Disguised

    56% of the MSC not completing their hours

    Bobcat, where can I get a copy of the review? I'd be interested to know what the situation will be for the MSC especially being a newbie who's weighing up his options. Thanks