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  1. kezracer

    Regulars Final Interview

    Congrats guys, not long to go now! I was so close, had my medical as the last stage at the end of May, didn't get any results back so rang after 2 weeks and they informed me the day after that the Dr was ill and the one they have in now wants to see people again but they couldn't tell me what they wanted or needed to re-test! so had to re-arrange an appt. for the end of June. Slowed to a crawl indeed, but nothing can be done, I just want to get it over with now!
  2. kezracer

    Regulars Recruitment

    Sorry, I think that's what the scenario part is usually referred to as
  3. kezracer

    Regulars Recruitment

    I've applied and got through to the assessment centre, anyone got any tips for it? Obviously it'll be harder than the Specials assessment centre, just wondering if anyone knows anything about the differences, the carousel should be interesting!
  4. kezracer

    introducing myself

    Hello all, Finally joined up instead of just browsing the forums! SC for WYP due to attest on 20th March.