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  1. doc4eva

    Your day in 3 words.

    Started my training for special constables with the BTP last Saturday Sunday really enjoyed it head was fried loads to learn be worth it back next weekend for week 2 want out there working right now im very impatient
  2. doc4eva

    My journey so far

    I should write a book on this journey I swear ..... A week to go!!! 7 days!!! That's it and then training begins!!!
  3. doc4eva

    Your day in 3 words.

    Been really busy last few weeks finalising specials application withdrawing regulars application lots of debating and severe confusion bit disillusioned really anyway onwards upwards and all that today is sad! a year since my dog passed following an illness my dogs are my every thing
  4. phone interview for the speicals? I done a phone interview 2 weeks ago for the student officer job and now waiting on the assessment centre dates for that.
  5. Just received my contract offer today and all the final paperwork required to start and I start training on 30th April 2016. Anyone else on here on the same intake or know anyone on the same intake? TOTALLY BUZZING BY THE WAY WOOHOOOOOO
  6. I went to this was ... was very insightful and helpful
  7. doc4eva

    BTP Scotland Telephone Interview

    I've also been booked into have a telephone interview tomorrow. As far as I have been led to believe this is another paper sifting section of the application and so has to be passed before the assessment centre is confirmed, and then the assessment centre still has the presentation, interview, verbal reasoning and fitness tests as per. This was from a current serving BTP officer I was told this.
  8. doc4eva

    Your day in 3 words.

    Day off today done absolutely nothing chilled on the couch watching rubbish tv got Amazon Prime watching random things came across Bosch read the books loving the series totally addicted now not going back to work tomorrow too much tv
  9. doc4eva

    Your day in 3 words.

    Scotland are decent When they play Rugby not Football Even Elephant Polo World Champions once
  10. http://stv.tv/news/west-central/1346267-man-shot-by-police-after-allegedly-firing-crossbow-at-officers/ A man has been shot after allegedly firing a crossbow at police officers. Armed police were sent to a property at Bankfaulds Avenue in Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire, at around 5.30am on Saturday. Police Scotland assistant chief constable Malcolm Graham said: "A 24-year-old man has been shot by police following the alleged discharge of a crossbow at officers around 12.15pm hours this afternoon. “The man had earlier - around 5.30am hours this morning - barricaded himself within a property in Bankfaulds Ave, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire." Police had been at the scene with armed officers and specialists negotiators in attendance. "He has been taken by ambulance to Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, for treatment," Mr Graham added. “At this time it is not considered that his injuries are serious nor life threatening. "No other people were injured in the incident which concluded at 12.20pm this afternoon. "Police are not seeking anyone else in connection with this incident. Enquiries are continuing. "As is procedure, the matter will be referred to PIRC - Police Investigations and Review Commissioner." A spokeswoman for PIRC confirmed the incident is being investigated. She said: "The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner has been directed by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) to investigate the discharge of a conventional firearm during an incident at a residential address in Kilbirnie earlier today, Saturday 12 March 2016. "It is reported that during the incident, a 24-year-old man was shot by police at around 12.15pm, following the alleged discharge of a crossbow at officers. "A report on the Commissioner's findings will be submitted to the COPFS in due course." Never a dull moment in lovely Kilbirnie
  11. doc4eva

    Your day in 3 words.

    Should like rugby Family's South African Never understood it Love my football Play a bit Quite high level Taking time out Carrying an injury Need to recover Need to prioritise Things in perspective Job comes first
  12. doc4eva

    BTP SC intake April 2016

    Havent received it yet no, lots of waiting about. London and Glasgow have training starting at the same time it seems.
  13. doc4eva

    Your day in 3 words.

    Theres nothing like Junior football matches Nothing but passion And plenty swearing Makes my day Hearing the banter Cant make enough Of the games Due to work It ruins everything
  14. doc4eva

    BTP SC intake April 2016

    In Glasgow? I should be one of those guys yeah