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  1. TheFunkyDuck

    Pol Scot Specials on twitter? Training and development?

    Many thanks for sharing this link, the Facebook page is great with some really good content that gives an insight into how police scotland develops their own special constablary. Some videos on there also explained how the force operates without the special constable rank structure with divisional liaison officers which look like a great idea.
  2. Why do we not see any Police Scotland social media pages directly commenting on the work of its special constabulary (e.g. @PolScotSpecials) or have I missed them? As a serving special with BTP in Scotland, I regularly keep up to date with various BTP twitter feeds, including @btpspecials and @btpclifford (our specials CO). I know police scotland don't operate the special constable rank structure and I wonder the affect that has on things like promoting the specials work and engaging with the community through social media, amongst other things. To say I am a little sceptical about transferring to police scotland as a special come 2019 is an understatement. I'm worried that the oppurtunities for career specials who commit a large number of hours per week are just not there in PS like they are in BTP for me at present. That said I don't really know anything about what the pol scot specials are up too... hence the initial thought behind this post. If anyone wants to shine some light on this please do. I'd be keen to know if there are social media accounts for Pol Scots Special Constabulary and also wider what additional training/development oppurtunities are open to pol scot specials? Am I right to be sceptical!? Cheers
  3. TheFunkyDuck


    Hi there looking to become a btp special in D division in the new year. I have been scanning the site for months, decided to join so I can get access to the 'rail cops' section and learn more about BTP. Thanks.