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  1. Hi everyone, I've managed to get through the assessment centre and have now booked my medical assessment for next week! I've looked at the information sheet they sent me, but it doesn't state what they're expecting me to wear. It does say "You may be required to be medically assessed, so please wear the appropriate clothing", although 'appropriate clothing' isn't defined. Is it just a case of dress comfortably, or are they expecting smart dress? Thanks for your help!
  2. skyhigh

    Vetting: Identity

    Great, thank you for your replies. I have got a birth certificate so I'll bring that along as well just in case they want it.
  3. skyhigh

    Vetting: Identity

    I sent them a email saying almost exactly that - the reply I got was "The listed documents would be sufficient". I'm not sure if that's referring to the documents I listed, or the list they sent?
  4. skyhigh

    Vetting: Identity

    Hi all, I've recently applied to become a special constable and have my assessment coming up in January. For the proof of identity, I have a couple of questions. The email states that the following is required: I only have a 5 year passport, I'm assuming that they won't take this to be valid? They say that a cheque book and bank card, along with proof of signature and three statements, is valid. What would the proof of signature be? I'm sorry if these are stupid questions, I just don't want to get this wrong! Thanks
  5. skyhigh


    Hi, I'm currently a student and have applied to become a special constable. I've passed the paper sift and am now awaiting an assessment centre date!