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  1. EchoVictorFoxtrot

    Regulars Recruitment

    I've also applied but not heard anything yet. What day did you put your application in? So surprised at how quickly the turnaround appears to be!
  2. EchoVictorFoxtrot


    You should get an email to confirm your appointment as a Trainee Special Constable if you pass medical and vetting. You'll then get invited to a recruitment seminar. Give HR resourcing a ring to check the status. I had to give them a nudge for mine.
  3. EchoVictorFoxtrot

    Fitness Test

    Sazzlewis why don't you just push your Officer Safety Training back towards the end of your training? I'm working through the other modules first so that I've got plenty of time to prepare for the bleep test x
  4. EchoVictorFoxtrot

    BMI and WYP Specials

    Congrats on the weight loss spudman. That is really good going. Currently WYP doesn't have a BMI limit for specials, only for regulars. I was concerned myself as my BMI is slightly over but I was given a leaflet before my medical which made it clear that there is no limit. As many have mentioned above the recruitment process can be quite lengthy anyway so you have plenty more time to reach any personal goals. To give you an idea of time frames I submitted my application in September and I begin my training on January 30th. Your medical will come before your fitness test and whilst you are weighed - your BMI isn't taken into consideration. The way that the training modules work is really good as you can book them to fit in with your lifestyle and so its really flexible. Whilst I know that I can pass the bleep test, I also know that my fitness could do with improving so I'm saving my Officer Safety Training (where you do the bleep test) until one of the last modules to give me time to do that.
  5. EchoVictorFoxtrot


    Is anybody going to the SC seminar in Wakefield on Jan 14th?
  6. Got an email yesterday confirming appointment as a Trainee Special Constable Anyone else heard anything yet? I've been invited to a seminar on January 14th.
  7. I'll ask for you today sazzlewis x
  8. You get put in a sound booth with headphones on and they play beeps at different pitches and you have to press and hold a button for as long as you can hear the beep.
  9. Oh yes dubfire I completely agree with you. When I said we had a while until the fitness test I meant plenty of time to get more in shape
  10. There's definitely no BMI limit. I work for WYP as a staff member currently and I asked one of the nurses ? xx
  11. There is no limit on the BMI - I already checked! I've been told the fitness test doesn't happen until part way through training anyway so we have a while yet! I best dust off my running daps!! I had my email this morning xx
  12. Blood pressure, urine test, hair sample (for drug testing), hearing, vision, lung function and BMI xx
  13. I hope its soon. I wasn't feeling confident about my interview so will be interesting to see how I was marked. I've just had an email about booking my medical and it's now all booked for Thursday xx
  14. Thanks, you too! I'm so chuffed!
  15. Yes good news for me too!!!! Yaaaaaaaay!! Xx