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  1. PC Will

    vehicle asb driver not identified

    Personally i'd just go down the lines of S59 marker on the vehicle. Personally I feel you'd be hard pushed at custody to justify that arrest to a custody skipper. I can't see any necessity to arrest, granted they may be obstructing an officer in the execution of their lawful duty, however, what necessity is there to arrest them, rather than say caution plus three, or conduct a roadside interview under caution?
  2. PC Will

    Peeing outside

    I'm not sure on the entire legal standpoint on this... however. I've been both a special and now a PC, working in two different boroughs of the Met's territory. Every officer I've been out during this time has a common sense approach, i've only been to one incident like this, a bloke I thought was ****ing in the street in a side road off a main road late on a Saturday night, with nobody around, we'd have turned around and stopped to chat to him, but I wasn't 100% sure that's what he was doing, it looked like it but i couldn't be sure, so rather than tell someone potentially innocent off, i'd rather just leave it. As a rule of thumb if it's done out of public view, a bush, in an alleyway, behind a load of parked cars = If seen by an officer, likely no action, or possibly words of advice. Obviously different if joe bloggs walks down the road and whips out his chap and does it there in the middle of a busy main road, PND or arrest for outraging public decency. Myself and other officers have, whilst on duty, had to find a bush or an empty park to go for a **** in, as we're miles from the nearest station and all the shops/fuel stations are either closed or have no toilet for public use. Of course, when we do it, we always make sure it's out of public view.
  3. I remember doing mine as both an MSC and PC applicant... I expected it to be really easy, as in, you had to be almost deaf to not hear it. I wasn't sure when I first heard the very quiet high pitched sound that it was actually a sound, at first I thought it was my head playing tricks on me! It also seems to go on forever, you sit in there for what feels like an eternity, it's probably about 10 minutes, but it just feels like you're sitting in there forever continually listening to a very quiet noise and pressing and holding a button. The blood pressure test I had in April 2017 as part of the medical was interesting... the nurse said I had high BP (I always do), and she had to take 3 readings to be satisfied it was nothing out of the ordinary, it came down a little on the second and third reading and so she signed me off as medically fit. I'm now currently on an emergency response team in a south borough of the Met and enjoying it! Grim aspects, been to 2 collapses behind locked doors (1 requiring us to force entry and do CPR), no idea how either patient fared after being taken to hospital. Also been to 1 sudden death and 1 hanging, which stuck with me, and I still think about now.
  4. I would think as you have already started the process, you should be still progressed with. I suspect they will contact you with regards to viewing said tattoos, or asking you to send photographs of them, for them to decide.
  5. You mentioned your dad was in SYP for 30 years, so I assumed you were based up in Yorkshire, having assumed that, it's either going to be WYP, SYP or NYP, it was a lucky guess!
  6. I too was a Special in the Met from March 2016 until August 2017 when I resigned. I am now a PC in the Met and having my station induction tomorrow after I collect my warrant card, my departure from my training RLC base was long overdue, I should have started coached patrol/street duties back at the end of November, but for reasons I won't go into I have just finished my last session of OST today and will be having my first shift on borough on Friday, with tomorrow being the day I drive to Hendon to collect my warrant card and then have my induction at my station. I used to work at Tesco, whilst I was a special (in training anyway), supposedly they allowed their employees to take a certain amount of time off each year to complete shifts, however at the store I was located at, they were less than supportive, my immediate manager was very supportive, the senior managers less so and just saw it as another problem.... one less person they could rely on. Having been through the recruitment and training process twice, I can honestly say the training for the regulars was very good (13 week foundation course), the specials training however I found to be mediocre at best, things we should have been taught either missed out, or pushed right back to the last minute on the very last day. Some topics we weren't even taught properly... I left after the 4 week intensive course feeling not ready to go out on Borough, I still feel that way now after 13 weeks of training as a regular officer! I can only hope your specials training goes well, which brings me onto the question - which force is this for? I'm guessing SYP/NYP?
  7. Not wanting to start arguments here... But I feel you're taking his side a little.... I know several people with Aspergers, ADHD and Autism, and they have the ability to go about their lives without constantly harassing both the police and the public... Alas, mr potter was on one of our daily briefings when I was in training school a few months ago. I'll be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of people claiming medical conditions left right and centre as an excuse to get out of everything they do wrong.
  8. PC Will

    SC - Appeal Process/Rights On Vetting?

    I can't begin to imagine how you feel, I was a Special and am now a regular PC in the Met, and having been through the vetting process twice can say it is very hit and miss, the first one for my specials recruitment was spot on, I knew within 4 weeks, the vetting process for my regulars recruitment process however was absolutely appalling, I won't go into it in detail because it's a long story, but the long and short is vetting department used an old form to process my vetting check, and didn't ask me to update it, after 6 weeks I chased them to see how they were getting on, only to be told my vetting application had been cancelled (some weeks prior by the sound of it) and that i'd need to speak to HR to sort it, no one notified me in any way, yet the onus was on me to sort it out, sort out a problem I wouldn't have known existed had I not chased them up after 6 weeks of hearing nothing. If they are saying "YOU" are in no way suitable for the role of constable, that would suggest it is something you have done, however, of course, you would know if you had done anything in the past that would preclude you from joining such an organisation, furthermore it wouldn't come as a surprise, which it seems to have done. If they are stating "You are in no way suitable for the role of constable for this force", then my suggesting would be it's that force being very fussy, I am guessing this is at the paper sift stage, rather than the full on vetting stage right down the end of the line? Have you taken a day 1 assessment at a SEARCH center? Some forces are more lenient than others, for example BTP will not recruit anyone who has had a caution unless there are exceptional circumstances, other forces usually don't care if you've had a caution. I have been told (hearsay and all that) that serving officers in the Met where I work have been convicted of drug use and drug dealing in the past, years prior to wanting to join, and were successful in joining the force, so I'd not be put off if I were you. Personally if I were you, i'd say onwards and upwards, if that force doesn't want you, look at another force, better to work for your second favourite force in the job you love than be told you can't work for the force you wanted to join and then become stuck in some boring non-police job you hate, right? When I left sixth form in mid 2013, I thought IT was the career for me, turns out I was wrong, I did 1 year in Telecoms, 2 years in IT, a 6 month stint in a Tesco store which I absolutely hated, and would gladly never ever go back to, and then another 4/5 months in IT before being out of work and then started training for the regs August 30th this year, now i've joined the Met full time I realize how boring an IT career would be, the only thing I miss about IT is the pay, I was taking home significantly more than I do being a PC, which unfortunately is the sorry state of affairs we're in. Which force is this for?
  9. PC Will

    SC - Appeal Process/Rights On Vetting?

    Also, to add to this, it's worth noting, that if a police force don't give a proper reason for rejecting you, it's usually on the basis of information they've found about some third party you have a connection to, whether it be a friend, someone you knew, or someone you lived with in the past or still live with. They cannot disclose who the person is that is causing the issue and why, due to data protection act, if they did so, and disclosed who the person was and that they have a conviction for xyz they could be sued for a lot of money, not only is it a breach of data protection but also right to private life.
  10. PC Will

    SC - Appeal Process/Rights On Vetting?

    Are you sure they haven't declined your vetting due to a conflicft of interest? I'm not sure that working in the same office as police would count as a conflict of interest... I suppose it depends on what your role is in your current volunteer job, and what information you have access to. Did you declare EVERYTHING that involved government authorities in a negative way on your vetting form? Do you know anyone that you live with, or who you put on your form who has criminal convictions, or is well known to police? CRB and vetting are two different things entirely, CRB is such a basic check (the basic one anyway) - I had a CRB check (now DBS - Disclosure & Barring Service) done in 2016, when I worked as a travelling IT technician for several schools across the UK, it's such a basic check, all I had to do was fill out a form, there was no probing done with regards to who I live with, how my finances were, etc. Compared to vetting whereby everything has to be declared, they check your credit report, speak to referees, run you through PNC and other counter terrorism databases. I mean this in the nicest way, DBS (formerly CRB) and vetting are two different things entirely, please don't even think of comparing them, even the highest level of DBS check is a walk in the park compared to proper SC/CTC and RV (force) vetting. It's entirely possible you could be a criminal and not pass vetting, but pass a DBS check, you could be convicted of fraud, so fail vetting, but that wouldn't preclude you from working with young people, so you'd likely "pass" so to speak a DBS check, although it may appear on the record and be shown.
  11. PC Will

    MSC to PC - Day 1

    I wish! I can hardly walk on it, let alone run. I've tried deep heat, lavender oil, voltarol, deep tissue massages, and resting it, none of which seems to have helped much, if any. I've also noticed a bruise on the left leg shin, right where the majority of the pain is, which looks like it has two small puncture marks inside it, I don't recall hitting my leg on anything so beginning to wonder if i've been bitten by something and had a bad reaction.... I always get sore aching muscles after running the JRFT, I've run two practise runs, one last week and one the week before and passed both, but it's never done me in so badly I can't walk on it properly for the next two weeks. This all started hurting just shy of 2 weeks ago, and recently the pain seems to have been getting worse, not better. I seriously doubt I'll be running the JRFT at ESB tomorrow, as much as I'd love to. I've asked Santa for a new pair of legs for Christmas this year!
  12. PC Will

    MSC to PC - Day 1

    I'm doing it again because I didn't run it the first time, you do it on your day 2 assessment, and then again on your first OST session, if you fail, it varies from site to site, at Hendon allegedly they recourse you, where I was at Marlowe because I didn't take part I completed personal study whilst the others had their OST sessions. I'm in the traffic CJU at Marlowe House, putting on damage only COPA collisions onto the COPA system, pretty boring, been there for the last 2 weeks and probably have another 2 weeks once I return from annual leave there before i'm off to borough, but on the plus side at least we're still being paid and in the warm, it's freezing outside! Yes I have still been attending training school whilst having this injury. I can only hope your vetting is a better process than mine was, mine was an absolute farce... Vetting initially told us all that "no news is good news", 6 weeks after receiving a conditional offer to start 31st July I chased the vetting team to be told "the form we are using to process your vetting check is out of date, as a result we have cancelled your application, this is now out of my hands and you will need to speak to MetHR" I was initially annoyed that I had had to chase them to find that out, you'd think someone would have the mind to at least notify me, from what I can gather vetting hadn't just cancelled the vetting application either, it had been cancelled weeks ago. I was then passed back and forth between HR and Vetting, and ended up having to fill out another Recruitment vetting (RV) form, I completed this and sent it back to them within an hour of them having sent it to me. About a week later I then receive an email stating they won't be able to put me on the 31st July intake, as I have not been vetting cleared in time (despite being a special so already having clearance to the exact same vetting level! - Apparently they redo it when you apply, even if you are still serving or not!). I was told i'd go on the August 30th intake, which although annoyed I accepted. Come 25th July, 5 days before my original course was supposed to start, I receive an email informing me that my vetting clearance had come through late the previous night, however, due to the significant delay (vetting should take 4-6 weeks max realistically, mine took virtually 10 weeks) - none of the boroughs I had put down as preference boroughs were available, only Richmond, Hounslow or Haringey were available. I trained at Richmond as a special, and it took a good 2 hours to get to, so didn't want to be based there, the other boroughs are even further out from me, I'm on the London/Kent border. Reluctantly I then phoned HR and advised i'd wait the month as I'd been expecting to since being told i'd not make the 31st July intake, in the hope I get a borough closer to home, or one that is on my preference list at least, and isn't 2 hours away. **** poor frankly, compared to my specials vetting which went absolutely faultlessly, and I found out within 4 weeks. I'm hoping to run the JRFT on Monday, although my leg is still aching badly, if I defer I can only defer for a week, which takes us to xmas day - obviously ESB won't be open then so would have to be sometime in the new year, which then pushes back the day I go to borough even further, something i'm reluctant to do. Tempted to run on the injured leg, inevitably it will hurt more afterwards, however I am then off for 2 weeks, giving me time to recover. We'll see how it goes over the weekend!
  13. PC Will

    MSC to PC - Day 1

    Well done! I was an MSC officer too at PY from March 2016 until August 2017, only resigning to start training for the regs. I was on the August 30th intake (supposed to start on the 30th July intake but didn't happen due to vetting making a cockup of it) - finished training 29th November, should have been first day on Borough (ZD) however had an injury so was unable to partake in the fitness test and therefore did not complete OST and go to borough like the remainder of my class. Myself and two others are all on OST hold up in the traffic CJU at Marlowe, running my JRFT on Monday and should pass it fine, currently suffering with a horrible lower leg injury that causes significant pain when walking (let alone running or jogging on). All my exams are done, including the OST exam which I passed, despite not having completed OST. All i'm waiting on is passing my JRFT on Monday, then i'm on annual leave for 2 weeks over xmas, then OST on the 4th January, the remaining 4 sessions over the next two weeks. Should be off to borough by mid-late January. Have you got a day 2 date yet?
  14. PC Will

    Declaration to force?

    Declared it via email, just sent it to my lead trainer and line manager.
  15. PC Will

    Declaration to force?

    So yesterday I was en-route to a petrol station late at night and accidentally drove past the turning for it, I decided to turn up the next road and turn around, as I drove up the road I saw a marked police vehicle at the end of the road which appeared to be a cul-de-sac/dead end, so decided to turn around in the entrance to another side road that branched off the road I was on. Obviously the PC's in the vehicle saw me coming towards them sat in their marked police vehicle and then suddenly turn and go the other way, as I expected they decided to follow me and stopped me for a quick chat. Before they said anything I jumped out and said "I know how it looks" as I was thinking the exact same, in that it looks dodgy to them, they ran a PNC on my vehicle which came back fine, the other PC took my name address and DOB but I don't think he ran a PNC check on my name as he was with me the whole time talking to me. I'm currently a PC in the Met in training, it was a satisfactory stop and they were happy with my explanation (missed the turning because not concentrating on the route I was taking, decided to turn around in a side road which happened to be a little way down from where a marked police vehicle was parked, which to them looked a bit suspicious). My question is this - do I need to declare this to anyone at work, my line manager or the vetting unit perhaps? I recall vetting telling us we need to declare anything which involves us and any police force, or government agency in any manner but not sure that this needs to be declared given it was a routine satisfactory stop.