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  1. villa101

    Search AC Transfer

    cheers for the reply guys! very true, I completely agree with everything said!
  2. villa101

    Search AC Transfer

    Just thought I would see what people's reactions to my query would be. I am currently in the process with a police force and have my final interview coming up. in the meantime I have been thinking could I not apply to another force in the meantime and transfer my AC score across as a backup incase I didn't pass my final interview and also to make the most out of my score? it is always nice to have a backup especially when you are desperate to join ha! I know some force's state you have to withdraw but some don't etc. I am aware of people passing the whole process for a force, and whilst waiting for a start date they have applied elsewhere, passed everything and were given a start date and then joined them and nothing was ever mentioned even though you are supposedly meant to have one live application :s.... Would it be risky? do you think they would get in touch with one another to see if I was still in the process? cheers! .
  3. other than Surrey, are there any other forces? please delete admin if this has already been asked cheers
  4. villa101

    final interview (staffs)

    cheers mate and the last stage, got my final interview date just waiting for the interview preparation session!
  5. Anyone have an tips or advice in regards to the final interview for Staffordshire? Would you say the SEARCH assessment is the hardest part? been told several things about the final interview, some forces require a presentation etc. some don't, some just want to get yo know you etc. any help is appreciated
  6. villa101

    ac results

    cheers ! you applied?
  7. villa101

    ac results

    Anyone had their results for the assessment centre in Ryton week commencing 18th July? cheers!
  8. villa101

    assessment centre doubts

    that's true I just think I messed up and that I have failed and not reached the 44% mark cheers though mate! and for the regulars you?
  9. had my assessment centre yesterday, was a good experience and very challenging too. Does anyone else have doubts after? i feel i messed up the written tests. My handwriting was poor, i never managed to finish because as there was simply not enough time anyone else have doubts after?
  10. Good evening Is anyone else still on the waiting list for the next AC for Staffordshire police and what is the required pass mark for the force?
  11. villa101

    Regular recruitment

    Will Merpol be recruiting again this year or will the 200 applicants be made up of the internal and external campaign from March's recruitment campaign?
  12. villa101

    Regulars Recruitment

    will WYP be recruiting again this year?
  13. Good morning all! Just a quick question for the group, how do police forces know if you have applied to other forces and if you have failed part of the process e.g. a phone interview? My understanding is that the police application, CBQ, is marked differently from force to force and is not marked by one generic company, therefore the only way a police force would find out if you have failed a part of the process (pre SEARCH) is that if you disclose it on the APP FORM. i have also read on the internet, somewhere, that you can apply to numerous forces but can only attend one SEARCH AC within 6 months, is this true? hope someone can shed some light on this! cheers Mike
  14. villa101

    Regular recruitment

    where do Cheshire run their AC's, Ryton is it?
  15. villa101

    application form

    Oky doky, cheers for that will some forces accept CBQ scores? as the application for most forces is the same isn't it? cheers