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  1. Hi all, I have done a recent post about this on www.theshorterguy.co.uk - look forward to any comments you may have
  2. wiganer

    tips and help please

    Hi roux, Interview was a few months later in September. Not sure if you are aware of interview techniques like soara or star but it followed the same format. Give me an example of what honesty means to you, and the same with integrity. When they send you the email for interview they give you an example and this will help. I wouldn't over think anything until you get the email, it's pretty helpful
  3. wiganer

    tips and help please

    Hi roux, I am starting training with lancs in mid jan, having gone through the assessment centre and interviews etc. Feel free to contact me if required. I turned up suited and booted like I would for any other role, lots of people in shorts etc which I found strange for a role with the police (this was July by the way) Google Lancashire university police reasoning tests and practice practice practice. I flew through the tests on the day as I had put in good practice exam time. A lot of people were panicking near the end and I was just sat there like a lemon as I was confident due to the university practice Exams. The other part is a witness statement which absolutely fine. Make a note of the time so you know you have 15 minutes! The interview was a formal affair, full suit, but other guys had shirts, no jackets or tie which again I found strange. Just be yourself, they like that.
  4. Haha it tickeld me that one Tay1981 - I have heard them all before but the security guard got you with a cracker there! I do personally believe that self depreciating humour (i.e taking the p*ss out of yourself) goes a long way and helps people feel more comfortable around you, which is a technique I use a lot to build relationships in my 9-5 role.
  5. Thanks for the response all, it is greatly appreciated. Its great to read from other short(er) people like myself that there is no disadvantage when complete the task in hand. I guess people will always find problems to have a go at anybody in a police role, like gender, age (Im quite young) and to top it off due to fantastic genetics I have very short hair to hide the ever reducing hairline so I guess thats me stuffed unless you go for the 'Jason Stathams Little brother' look.
  6. Hi Stigy - Sorry i should have done more research! when you say people do you mean within the force or the wider public? 201594 - I dont doubt adequate training will be in place and I am very much looking forward to it - it was more around personal confidence and other peoples feedback on height - are we taken less serious because of it.
  7. Good Morning All, With height requirements for application long gone in the emergency services, and quite rightly so, the majority of police officers (especially Male) I personally come across are well above 5'10". Maybe this is because I am activley looking (not stalking, mind!) and I am a shorter guy! I was at an event on Sunday with police prescence and I was dwarfed by most officers, even PCSO's - 95% of the the force present were male. I am currently awaiting a training start date for the Specials (this looking to be Jan) with Lancashire Police, and whilst I am late 20s and old enough to be comfortable with my height (5'7") I do have a question about height; For active Specials/ Constables who are Shorter than average (5'9" ?) How do you find working in the emergency services, especially when coming up against the 6 foot plus burly chap who is very angry (for example)? Also when dealing with conflict or just being present on the street, do you find being short affects your confidence, or affects other peoples respect when dealing with the public? Thirdly, is it me or are early teens getting bloody taller! God help the shorter guy. Regards Jon
  8. wiganer

    Voluntary Interview - question.

    Morning- have you completed this interview yet? I do a lot of presentations for Work - the best way to revise is to practice practice practice and read it out to yourself in the mirror. Sounds cheesy but it works, you can pick up on your mannerisms and cut the ones out you dont like. This technique takes time but works, before you know it you will be able to recite and add your own fancy words in for the interview. Let me know how it goes!
  9. wiganer


    HI Team, I am jon - here is an introduction message. Thanks Jon