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  1. Igloo^

    Phase 2 training?

    I'm doing this now. After phase 1 you are 100% on the streets with occasional classroom work.
  2. Igloo^

    Your day in 3 words.

    Had a few Hours training speed Guns! Back on Shift, domestic in Progress. Head out 15 mins later Arrest ABH. Time For paperwork! Lots Of it. Now To sleeeeeep!
  3. Igloo^

    Your day in 3 words.

    Doing "normal" job training. Considering if I should apply for regs. Tough decision! Pay cut but I enjoy the job more... Who knows what the future holds!
  4. Igloo^

    Your day in 3 words.

    Long old day Went to work Passed my probation! Back home, out on shift with a Special Sgt. Lots of vehicles stopped due to drink drive campaign. Ended up getting sent to a woman who was trying to jump onto the motorway. Mental ilnesses are possibly the worst kind of incident,
  5. Igloo^

    Special's final assessment what can I expect?

    Had to get the supervisor involved and present my coursework and other grades or something. I didn't have an issue with the practical at all. My written issue was purely down to a) lack of sleep b) working a full day starting at 7am and then travelling 2 hours back to sit the exam.
  6. Igloo^


    Warwickshire only issue custodians to officers and flat caps to Sgt and above.
  7. Igloo^


    Still the same for me on an iPhone 6S.
  8. Igloo^

    Special's final assessment what can I expect?

    Not exactly. I was 2 marks short of passing and had to get permission to attest. It is possible to fail it!
  9. Igloo^

    Special starting 14 April 2016

    I finished last month, Welcome to Warwickshire! It's a long tough road... But you'll get there I am sure! Gimme a shout when you're out and about. I'm at Greys so we will bump into each other!
  10. Igloo^

    phone app- police training

    I am guessing you meant more police related? I can't find a QOTD one for police? Edit: I was typing it in full. It's just QOTD
  11. Completely agree with the above. People were obviously irate for some reason. The guy the officers may well have been armed. But imagine the outcry! "Officers shoot innocent cyclists!" And the like. What the guys did by "tactically retreating" is the best action they could have taken without support. I do hope the media don't force action against the officers...
  12. Wonder if they were from down sarf and really lost and confused with the higher altitude...
  13. Igloo^

    Fitness Test

    What else do you have on that day? If medical stuff then go in a suitable order I.e smart first then change or vice versa. Remember the nurse won't be overly happy if you come in super sweaty for your appointment after! If just fitness go with what your comfortable in!
  14. Igloo^


    Medical is just a check up. Nothing you can really do about it. Make sure you follow the rules around drinking before the peeing in the pot though!
  15. Igloo^

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Just to add more fire to the flames... Some people I know are on courses with 18-20 new officers.. So the numbers may well be in all of your favours