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  1. Mr_T


    Bloody hell "EMT/ student Paramedic, Ambo Driver, Reservist CMT" Don't you think your busy enough without becoming a Special ha ha. Welcome, new here myself but a good bunch (mostly :christmas_grin: ) and lots of excellent information/threads. Have a good one.
  2. Mr_T


    Thanks Sepura
  3. Mr_T

    Passed papersift!

    12/01/2015 - Applied to Northumbria Special Constabulary. 23/02/2015 - Failed papersift. 11/09/2015 - Applied for Northumbria Special Constabulary. 07/12/2015 - Passed papersift. Have just seen the above, Congratulations on having the determination to apply again, keep us updated marcgxsr!
  4. Mr_T

    Just starting out

    Congrats SB125, I second what KJ said "Pocket Sgt" is a great app apart from that refrain from buying any kit until you start or you may end up wasting lots of money on stuff, books etc that you will get issued. I refuse to confirm of deny if I was silly enough to do what i have advised you not to do and now have multiples of stuff lol
  5. Mr_T


    Hi Laticsash, Don't give up, Nothing worth having comes easy! If you are as you mentioned "clean as a whistle and want this" then put pen to paper and keep trying. Best of luck.
  6. Mr_T

    Army Bases

    Intersesting, I have seen this thread before that explanation from Jim is great, you learn something new every day.
  7. Scary thought isnt it! Now i think about it I know how I would secure a weapon and ammunition from the army but god knows how someone without the prior knowledge would do. I did think about googling it to see what came up, but decided that I liked my front door the way it is and don't fancy a size 10 smashing it in There was a situation in Newcastle a few years back with regards to a grenade being thrown at Police, does anyone know if that was a british army one or something imported?
  8. Mr_T

    Anon Twitter

    Not sure if in the right place so please feel free to move if not. Just had a quick question. Does anyone use twitter? I don't mean a personal twitter account as obviously we have to be careful but an anonymous police related handle?
  9. Mr_T


    Hi Annme2, Welcome from another newbie.
  10. Hi Guys, Just a quick post to see who is active in Herts? From what I can see this is one of the less used geographical forums?
  11. Mr_T

    Passed papersift!

    Well done, my one piece of advice would be the same as Stripe, firm handshake, confidence and make sure you are dressed to impress. There will be people there in Smart Casual but I would always suggest going in a full suit with tie. Remember you are being assessed as soon as you walk in. Best of Luck.
  12. Mr_T

    Nitrate Gloves.

    Wow I am glad I asked I nearly didn't for fear of looking stupid, Well I am still look stupid but that is a great tip. Thanks a lot for that.
  13. Mr_T

    Nitrate Gloves.

    Probably a silly question and more then likely staring me in the face......... but, The Biro Trick?
  14. Ah I see of course, I suppose still something that to a Police Officer or Member of the public looks like the real thing until closer inspection. I certainly wouldn't want that pointed in my general direction ha.
  15. Is that picture actually of weapons handed in? If so how the hell did someone get their hands on a SA80 A1 in London? Or anywhere in the UK for that matter? You can justify something like an AK47 being smuggled in from Europe but an ex British Army weapon thats a different story.