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  1. Dark_Island

    Jurisdiction Question

    Changed mind on asking the Q.
  2. The opportunities within the 'Police Officer 2018' campaign are tempting, but with me living in North Ayrshire I would find it difficult to move to the likes of Leeds, Hull, Manchester etc. because my life is here. I do however have scope for relocation. I can't see the BTP recruiting in Scotland at any point in the future now due to the ongoing politics (although to my understanding the merger is planned for 2019, so there must be time for one last hurrah in D-Division surely?), so my compromise would be the far north of England. More specifically Carlisle. It's a shame Carlisle was not included in this current campaign!! What do you think the chances are for the BTP to recruit for Police Constable vacancies in a) Scotland (I know, it's a wild card), and b) Carlisle in the next 5 or 6 months?
  3. Dark_Island

    Assessment Day Oct 2016

    I am not too far away either from Hunterston. It's not exactly in my 'community' but I am certainly still close
  4. Dark_Island

    Assessment Day Oct 2016

    That's good to hear. As long as it was relaxing and comfortable. I think interviews are naturally tense, as long as you don't let it get to you and act natural and be yourself I applied on October 2015 and was due for the Assessment Centre on March 2016. I pulled out due to personal circumstances. Since then I am back in a position where I can apply. However, I have this time applied for Police Scotland (just got my email through for receipt of application today). When I had the time to think after I withdrew I concluded that 'traditional' policing was the best for me, it's the part of policing that I have been interested the most, and the longest. Don't get me wrong, I was serious about the CNC and knew exactly what I was applying for. The role of the CNC was certainly an attraction, and a unique style of policing. And had I not withdrawn and got in I would have stuck with it until the end. To answer your question I can see myself applying in the future. But it's a long way off in the distance. I might only consider it when I am in my late 30's or early 40's when Police Officers normally leave, and transfer to the CNC and enjoy my time their until retirement. So the CNC is very much still on the table, I just won't be joining until about 15 to 25 years time. A Hunterston C is being floated around but nothing solid as of yet. It would really, if I still wish to stay local in 15 to 25 years time would be my only option for posting. Although, even if a Hunterston C doesn't happen the decommissioning process can take an age, so I am sure it will be around for very long as with the CNC in that area.
  5. Dark_Island

    Assessment Day Oct 2016

    Excellent stuff. How did you find the AC because I was 1 week away before withdrawing.
  6. Dark_Island

    Assessment Day Oct 2016

    Good luck Seb! I almost got Hunterston last year before I decided to pull out. Nothing against the job though, the decision was more personal.
  7. Dark_Island

    Work Experience

    What station you considering JAG?
  8. Ticktock guys. Hopefully you will hear something soon from HR! (talk about deja vu, eh?)
  9. Any good news thus far for anyone regarding offers?
  10. My application has been sent away. I am feeling very lucky for the second time. I never got around to contacting HR about the 6 month rule. I did specifically say, that for the result of the BTP application... quoting "Failed paper sift. Was not shortlisted to partake in the selection process." - So, hopefully a failed paper sift does not lead to a 6 month ''ban'' from applying
  11. Hi Mike, thanks for the comments. I have of course considered the 'traditional' side of policing, in fact like most it was that side of policing that I first took an interest in. However, I then started to look into all the different 'types' of policing and the CNC really stood out for me. It has some good opportunities within it, and the force certainly has a future in front of it from what I can gather. The opportunities to specialise are there, and to my understanding you are encouraged to go for them to have a varied career and to get you outside of your natural jurisdiction. The main one I am interested in is the Strategic Escort Group mainly through marine transportation but will certainly still partake in the escorting of materials via road and rail.