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  1. PCWannabe1973

    When is the intake for PCSO in 2016

    Hi Tanya, you do realise that being a PCSO is paid employment, not a voluntary position. You seem by your statement "would like to do more in the community" as wanting to volunteer??? or have I read that wrong. Special Constables are volunteers, but you would need to look on the Durham Constabulary website for any information on both positions for when they are recruiting.
  2. PCWannabe1973

    Specials Recruitment Nov 2014

    Nearly there.... 1st PST next weekend, looking forward to it, getting uniform etc on Wednesday ready for the big day!!!!
  3. PCWannabe1973

    Recruitment 27th January 2016 - Anybody going for it?

    Hi Guys... says on the website today that they had received nearly 300 applications (for regulars).... that's pretty quick since they only opened up yesterday lunchtime. Only looking for 400 this window!!!
  4. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    56% is still a good score and a pass NorthumbriaSpecial.... it only becomes an issue if a force wants you to get above a certain score.. but it's a pass for Durham (I assume you've applied to Durham) so you are OK... when is the interview?
  5. PCWannabe1973

    application form

    I wouldn't think so... I have previously applied to my local force last year passed paper sift and assessment centre... when they put out advert for more recruits even though I had a valid assessment score I still had to submit an application and pass the paper sift again.
  6. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    How's the assessment centre gone so far for those who have done it in the last couple of days?
  7. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    Hey Sparky... how did the specials assessment go? you had it yet
  8. PCWannabe1973


    D_Mac, Cleveland are looking for transfer PCs if you were still interested :christmas_cool:
  9. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    It did for me last year so I would think it's going to this year
  10. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    Sparky.. well done! have you done an assessment before?
  11. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    Looks like those that have been unsuccessful have received an email to tell them as such. Myself and Peter171183 have both had a letter today to say were successful and will be going straight to final interview and not needing to do a SEARCH assessment as we have current scores. Quite a few are saying they've not had anything....... I can only assume from that they may have been successful but information regards the assessment in January will be sent shortly else why didn't they get an email?
  12. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    I've got the same letter Peter... Well done everyone who has been successful and to those who haven't, don't be too disheartened and keep trying
  13. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    Went home at lunch but the post hadn't been delivered... still no email... looks like I'm not going to find out anything till I've finished work later this evening... that's if the dreaded email doesn't turn up before then
  14. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    When did the email get sent, I'm panicking now, but haven't had anything yet
  15. PCWannabe1973

    PC Recruitment - Oct 2015

    Thought the ad said that the assessment center was first week of January.... I'm hoping that they'll consider my score as it expires the first week of January