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SC Kent

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  1. SC Kent

    Do Specials get to interview

    Kent Specials are currently undergoing PIP LVL 1 - a small few at the moment but it's all positive nonetheless.
  2. SC Kent

    Boots boots boots

    So sorry for this extremely late contact. I've been away from these forums! As far as I know these are the same as the Specials, you get a boot allowance (up to £50) that the police will contribute and you claim it back on regular expenses!
  3. SC Kent

    How do you access training?

    Hi! At Kent we have two forms if we are talking about ongoing training after attesting. The first being a monthly training event to which all Specials are required to attend. Usually this covers some of the basic stuff and is also a chance for non IP officers to get their NOSes caught up on. Secondly, we have NCALT based packages that can accessed from home and the station. It really varies on the specific training courses. My basic driving for example was more thrown at me once I became independent, whereas special training you usually have to request at Kent and sometimes you may be on a long waiting list! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  4. SC Kent


    Welcome to the site!
  5. SC Kent

    Young Specials

    Congratz Grandad Good luck to you all!
  6. SC Kent

    Radio earpiece

    Using this: http://www.copshopuk.com/tactical-jack-police-earpiece-motorola-mth800 Perfect for my ears! Works a charm!
  7. SC Kent

    North Division

    Marshy93, let us know if you got stuck at all or need any more help!
  8. SC Kent

    Rusty baton

    'Rusty baton'. What a hell of a title.
  9. SC Kent

    Young Specials

    To add on to this, fully IPS and also now basic trained for the cars, so yes, age is just a number!
  10. SC Kent

    Young Specials

    Became a Special at 18 and 20 tomorrow. Don't see us anymore different than anyone else on the team. Those who judge clearly don't have enough experience to know that ages is just a number! All about attitude/maturity and work ethic.
  11. SC Kent

    Target Audience for Specials

    Thank you for all the feedback! I'll relay it to my supervisors and see what we can do! :christmas_D:
  12. SC Kent

    North Division

    Hi Marshy, Any questions, shoot them to me! I can ask them to a few Specials based out of Medway/Maidstone who can give you what you need! Thanks,
  13. SC Kent

    Kit Vest or Duty Belt?

    Funnily enough it's a pava holder with a new cuff key on it and a seat belt cutter. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  14. SC Kent

    Kit Vest or Duty Belt?

    Here we are Usual kit for a night out. Cuffs, ASP, first aid/rubber gloves, pnb holder, extra nitrile glove holder, pava. Then stab vest with aftermarket earpiece, and lots of pockets!!! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk