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  1. Sierra_Kilo

    I'm coming back!

    Hello! So I'm coming back after a period of absence from the force. Been catching up with a few people whilst I've been at FHQ but wanted to hear from the boots on the ground of any changes that have happened in the 6 months I've been away? So far I know about new trousers and shirts, but that's as far as it goes. *I'm also acutely aware that this area of the forum was pretty dead before I stood down so I anticipate it may still be the same but any replies are always useful.
  2. Sierra_Kilo

    Basic Driving Test (A-to-B)

    Interesting topic. I've got my basic course at the beginning of September so I'll report back on the content. It's pitched as this: 'Officers will complete the Basic Driver training course which includes a theory test, practical tips, vehicle maintenance and driver assessment.'
  3. Sierra_Kilo

    Dutysheet app

    We used ESIBS in Notts before we moved to DutySheet. Got to admit DS is a lot better!
  4. Sierra_Kilo

    Dutysheet app

    Only thing that i'm dubious about (and maybe why there isn't the message function yet) is that the app just opens with no pin code or password every time.
  5. Sierra_Kilo

    Dutysheet app

    My thoughts also, the messages would be nice but, baby steps i imagine.
  6. Sierra_Kilo

    (Yet another) vetting query

    I can only speak of my personal experience with my force but i wasn't told that i'd passed the vetting stage. I rang the recruitment team about a different issue and whilst i was on the phone i happened to ask, which was when they told me i had passed. I expect this varies wildly between forces.
  7. Sierra_Kilo

    PCSO Recruitment now open

    Nottinghamshire Police have started recruiting for PCSO's, click the link below to find out more. http://nottinghamshire.police.uk/jobs/pcso A number of sessions to help applications with their applications have been set up, taking place at Loxley house, Notts City Council on Station Street. Tuesday 13 June 6pm – 8pm Saturday 17 June 10:30am – 12:30pm and then an open session to bring applications from 1:30pm – 3pm Monday 19 June 6pm – 8pm Please visit the link above to register your interest for one of the sessions. Recruitment is open until 23rd June.
  8. Comp Stop is an add on for us. As it goes even though some of us have auto entitlement for basic (like me) we still need to do a one day basic course before doing the comp stop course. What that Comp stop course looks like is yet to be seen, it's not actually been rolled out yet.
  9. Notts (and most of the east mids) are looking at bringing in compliant stop. Officers joining before a certain date have automatic basic ticket and can use lights when stationary. After this date, (post 2015) it's a standard basic course to get in ticket. SC's on certain proactive teams like rural get 4x4 but this is more specialist.
  10. Sierra_Kilo

    Stab Vest Cleaning

    Care instructions for mine were in a separate manual in the bag it came in, potentially worth a look if you've still got it/have it! Personal experience and a good general rule! Make sure you take the plates out Cold gentle wash (think the care instructions on mine say 40 degrees, gentle spin, no tumble) Gentle dry
  11. Sierra_Kilo


    I've seen quite a few cohorts come through into Notts over the past 6-12 months, so it's a good time to see if we have any new Notts officers on the forums! Drop a post below introducing yourself, the Nott's area has always seem quite as long as I've been on here, so let's try and get it a bit alive again...! I'm a serving special in the north of the county, attached to response. I've been in for nearly 2 years now! Your turn...!
  12. Sierra_Kilo


    Hello, I'm a serving Notts Special, am one of the more active Notts officers on here.
  13. Sierra_Kilo

    Police Officer Recruitment 2014

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but how is it going? I'm a special across the border (notts) and know Derbs are opening their reg recruitment again in September and i am thinking of applying. Did you get on an intake yet?
  14. Sierra_Kilo

    ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    We're now in the dark ages of having neither ESIBS or Dutysheet. A temporary solution was sent via message on ESIBS, telling us how to log duty hours...only problem is all our access to ESIBS has been revoked so can't access our messages....!
  15. Sierra_Kilo

    ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    Thanks for your feedback all. Having expenses on there is something I'm definitely looking forward to, current email based/paper based system just takes so long. We're having a month long period without either ESIBS or DutySheet so I'm going to be interested in how we manage for the next month or so before we go live!