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  1. My paid job is being a DO in custody. I thought i'd open up to any questions re custody if you have any? Scott
  2. Scott4184

    DAY 1 assessment

    Has anyone attended the new assessment centre called DAY 1 yet? This is replacing the SEARCH one. I have mine coming up and would like to get an in-sight. Cheers Scott
  3. Scott4184

    Earpiece - Airwave

    Evening all, I have been searching the internet for a while now, looking for a decent earpiece for my Motorola MTP850. Has anyone found one they would recommend? The force issue is horrible to wear, and the lasr one i bought felt like someone whispering 20 meters behind me. Many thanks Scott
  4. Scott4184

    Spitting in shopping centre

    Cracking advice that!
  5. Scott4184


    So can i just check.. If they caused crim dam, whilst trespassing on this roof. Would it be burglary? Or does the suspect have to be within the building itself?
  6. Scott4184


    Well you couldn't do anything to make them get down, other then call up for uniformed units. Correct me if I'm wrong.. Could it be burglary if they're on the roof.. Or do they have to enter the building itself? Obviously I'm still learning, so go easy on me!
  7. Scott4184

    Kit bags

    Haha. Thanks! Got my first shift next week, so i'll see how it goes. In sussex we don't have the rigid cuffs, so i guess i can only use a pouch for them.
  8. Im guessing that as long as you declare all the mods to your insurance provider, there won't be a problem.. If you don't then it invalidates insurance and also a case of fraud? So i've been told..
  9. Scott4184


    Today i walked the dog in my local park, and spotted 7-10 teenagers kicking a ball against a wall of a bowls centre. The roof is fairly low as the grass is at a higher level then the entrance. But it does require help to jump on. However, a couple of the kids were running / jumping around on the roof. I've only just attested so i haven't done a shift yet. I thought about going over and asking them to get down, which i felt confident in doing. Its just the what ifs that threw me off. Instead i text a mate who i knew was on shift to go do the deed. Now I'm thinking about it.. What would you of done? Bear in mind that you were still waiting for your first shift..
  10. Scott4184

    Kit bags

    Thats what I think i'll do. Thanks! Also, is there anything you'd say is worth buying? Ear piece? etc
  11. Scott4184

    Vodafone discount?

    O2 still give 20% by going to O2 Open and entering "Police federation".
  12. Scott4184

    Special Constabulary Benevolent Fund

    Brilliant idea. I'd help where i can!
  13. Scott4184

    Kit bags

    Cheers Popeye! I'll wait. I start PDU next week and I've been told we'll be given lockers.
  14. Scott4184

    Kit bags

    Thats great! Do you usually keep your waterproofs, hi vis' in this bag at all times also?
  15. Scott4184


    Tell me about it! I had my attestation last night. So the real training starts now!