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  1. Sapor62


    Gotcha, as I said don't believe they're taking transfers atm so you'll likely be waiting a while (There's a massive back log of officers already in the met who are AFO trained but not posted)
  2. Sapor62


    Are you a Met PC?
  3. Sapor62

    Mr David Parker

    Hello, I highly doubt anyone on here would have this information readily available for you, if it even still exists. What I would suggest though is that you submit a Freedom of Information Act Request to the Metropolitan Police, from experience they are very good at getting back to you and hold a surprising amount of information in the archives. Of note also, the British Library hold a LOT of archival information from the Metropolitan Police too which may be of assistance to you.
  4. Sapor62


    Royalty and Specialist Protection. Sounds fancy, it isn't - you will spend your entire shift standing, guarding a gate or door. You're effectively a concierge with an MP5 and a Glock...
  5. Sapor62


    The Met are actively recruiting for RaSP and DPG at the moment from the internal pool of officer already in the met, I don't believe they are accepting transfers. As for ARV, I don't know if they are currently recruiting but they recruit very often, especially since the uplift.
  6. Sapor62

    MSC-PC 2018

    Hi, It won't affect your training, what is covered in the CKP you should know from being an IPS Special - you will have a knowledge check on day 1 of training (or very soon after day 1) which will cover basic policing principles etc. You'll do the exact same training as everyone else, including those on CKP, the met no longer run a shortened conversion course for MSC. Hope this helps!
  7. A colleague has approached me who isn't on the forum, they're doing their first ever L2 course and want to know some do's and do not's and any helpful tips you fine lot may have for them? FYI: I will be sending screenshots of your posts to them but I will remove everything other than the raw text which you write. (No usernames, forum URLs, etc) Cheers
  8. Sapor62

    Special Sergeants Exam

    You should have to sit some kind of exam, yes. I would say the actual sergeants exam as most of what they test regular sergeants on doesn't apply to special sergeants. S/Sgts will have no PACE powers for instance so don't need to be tested on them. What you should be tested on is your basic legal knowledge, your understanding of basic HR procedures etc, as ultimately you will be "puppy walking" the newer specials and dealing with things like resignations and sickness etc...
  9. Sapor62

    Becoming a Special whilst in sixth form

    Recruitment Query Not Permitted On Your Account This has been posted in the wrong area of the forum. Your account does not have an active membership or a current Recruitment Pass. You must post your topic in the Recruitment Area or Force Specific Areas of our forum Recruitment Pass A Recruitment Pass can be purchased for 1 month (£3.95) or 3 months (£7.95) and is renewable. During its active period you will be able to create as many topics and make as many replies as you like in the Force Specific Areas and the Recruitment sections of our forum. CLICK HERE to purchase a Recruitment Pass Membership Plans You can purchase an annual Silver Membership Package for just £15 which will give you unrestricted access to the Recruitment Sections and to all of the Force Specific Areas. We also include access to the exclusive VIP areas. Click HERE to see all of the benefits of a Membership Package. We also have our Gold Membership which gives global Gold Membership across all four of our forums and is a one time lifetime fee and we even throw in a FREE mug. Forums included are www.police.community, www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk, www.policespecials.com and www.policeuk.com CLICK HERE to purchase a Membership Plan This thread has been locked as the original poster has posted this in an area of the forum where it is not permitted and their account does not currently have the required permissions.
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  11. Sapor62

    Advanced Driving

    Just to confirm, are you already a Police Officer or are you training to become a Police Officer? If you are in training you are not yet a Police Officer... 1) It's already difficult to get driving courses due to budget cuts since 2010 and lack of trainers, holding a manual license won't put you any further in the que as all Police Drivers must hold a manual license, so you're in the same boat as everyone else. It's also very unlikely you will get a driving course straight after training, most officers wait years, depending on force applied for. Met Police officers sometimes wait upwards of 6/7 years and that's regular police officers, not specials (This is for a response course - blue lights and sirens) 2) You won't be able to put any of your medical knowledge to use and will not be authorised to carry any extra equipment and if you did you could potentially be walking down a misconduct route, nearly all forces in the UK require you to undergo rigorous internal police medic training before you're allowed to carry medical items, the police medic course is one of the hardest courses to pass and has a massive failure rate as it is so demanding. 3) Driving courses carry over departments, if you're a response driver on response team you'll also remain one at traffic providing you have completed your refresher training. 4) Specials must complete IPS (Independent Patrol Status) before they can patrol alone, this can take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years, it all depends how much you put into it - driving courses are not part of initial training.
  12. Sapor62


    I've locked this topic as you don't have an active recruitment pass, I'm happy to answer your original question based on your caution but I feel by leaving this topic open we could delve further into recruitment queries and away from the original question at hand.
  13. Sapor62


    It doesn't matter if you remove it, the police will still see it when you go through vetting, you'll have to declare it just like anything else whether it's written off or not.
  14. There are a substantial amount of MSC Response drivers, there are even MSC Officers trained to an Advanced Level and maybe 5 or 6 who are also TPAC. There are hundreds of Basic Drivers in the MSC, the information provided is grossly out of date. Just go onto DS and under Directory put in one of the traffic garages and you'll nearly all of the MSC there are basic, a lot of them Response and some are Advanced or TPAC. The ban has been lifted on Specials doing driving courses, but no funding has been allocated as of yet for Borough based units, some funding has been made available for MSC on "Specialist" units like Traffic, SO, etc and it makes sense they get them first as they're likely to use the skill more than a borough officer.
  15. Sapor62

    Covert Vest Cover

    I'm also a met special and I was given 2... they must have reduced it since I joined. Go with what your inspector says as they have line manager responsibility for you. You are given way more than enough points to order the amount of uniform you will need for a year. To put it into perspective: Shirts are 2 points, trousers are 2 points, a tie is 1 point, handcuffs are 5 points, PPK is 1 point... If you're only ordering what you need, you will absolutely not run out of points, most people rush to spend their remaining points before the financial year ends. The old system, where you had to order uniform through your supervisor was way worse - you had to justify every purchase and your line manager would have wanted to see the proof, it's better for everyone this way, take it from me.