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  1. kit

    What I Did On Duty

    Thought I'd revive this with a gentle reminder to everyone to look after themselves out there... Rank: SC Service: 1 year+ 1300 - Gear up and parade on with the response shift I normally work with. My crewmate has a lot of admin to tick off before she heads out so get some paperwork and phone enquiries closed off while we wait for a panda. 1530 - Dispatched to do a follow-up on a call that came in overnight. It's at the rural far end of our district, so takes us over half an hour to get to the area and locate our IP. 1545 - The victim alleges she was assaulted by a relative; my colleague takes a statement. 1630 - We buzz the only other unit in the area hoping they have a van for an arrest attempt; unfortunately they are also in a panda. We link up with them anyway as they are also double-crewed with two male officers. 1730 - Our suspect is home with his partner; my colleague arrests him. As he's cooperative she and one of the male officers transport him in the car. The remaining officer and I speak to his partner; she gives a PNB statement but her recollection of events is vague enough that it neither confirms nor disproves the IP's account. 1845 - Head down to custody to link up with my original crewmate before popping into interview. Our suspect denies the offence and offers a third version of events. After a quick consult with our sergeant the whole thing is NFA'd. 2145 - Bring our new friend home and grab some bait on the way back to the nick. Night shift are short-staffed so we keep our panda for the time. 2330 - Dealing with paperwork from the job when a report comes in of a serious assault/robbery. While another unit is en-route a further report comes in that the attacker has returned for another go at the victim. We turn out on blues to back up. 0015 - Area search, no trace. We swing by for one last sweep around where the attack occurred...and our headlights pick up someone in front of us matching the description of our suspect, who realises who we are and is straight over a chain-link fence. I'm out of the car and after on foot... Long story short, I lost my footing and ended up slicing my arm wide open at the elbow on the top of the fence. Fortunately another unit is nearby with a van, we bandage the arm up as best we can and fly off to A&E on blues. Cue an agonising weekend of shots, IVs, and poking and prodding to fix my arm (helped massively by the existence of morphine, aspirin, and paracetamol), followed by some very long and also agonising months of follow-up visits and rehab. Fortunately (re: miraculously) the lasting damage is "minimal" considering the nature of the injury and I'm now back on the beat. Paid or volunteer, we can get hurt out there. Remember to stay safe!
  2. kit

    ASP scabbard screws

    So I've been losing my baton a little too often for my liking lately; took a look at my ASP side break holder and it turns out one of the adjuster screws on the back has gone walksies...anyone know if these are a standard size/readily available at all (or perhaps a hodgepodge fix in typical make-do fashion)? I don't fancy going through the rigmarole of ordering a new one if it can be fixed easily.
  3. I don't see any political attacks, merely opinions on the current state of the police service. Burnsy and BobCat are right, we have been historically slow to change and there are many areas that we could change. This does NOT mean that we should have our budgets slashed nor that we do not have the best service in the world (no one has stated or even implied that?), it merely means that we could do it better. If anything it's a criticism of the current funding situation - to affect any effective change we need more money invested, not less - I think that's the biggest failing of Direct Entry, being introduced when the government has unfortunately linked "change" to "cuts." Those who have come in will be faced with people digging in as well as lack of budgets to affect any change.
  4. I actually find this quite intriguing, albeit the adverts leaves more questions than answers. What happens after the 11 months? Do the applicants get a free ticket into the regs or do they carry on unpaid? Are they employed by the council or Polis Scotland? What sort of training will they get? Certainly while on the short-term it seems like policing on the cheap (and the initial implementation appears rather poor), the idea of it being a "training programme" raises some interesting ideas (theories?) for training both specials and regs, and cooperation between councils and the police.
  5. Rarely, and generally only if it's blatant offences or road safety concerns like having no brake lights or etc. Traffic has never really interested me and I prefer putting the time spent on a traffic stop to patrolling or responding to jobs. Also doesn't help that we don't get compliant stop training in our force so it's harder to pull stuff over to begin with, especially when in an unmarked car.
  6. kit

    How old were you?

    For us that's generally for training department and regular PC tutors to do - special supervision mainly handle admin i.e. expenses, events, sorting out crews/shifts for newbies, issues, etc.
  7. kit

    How old were you?

    My A/SSgt doesn't actually have IP status yet, but comes from a wealth of management experience (including volunteers) from his day job/previous roles and is one of the most active officers at our district. Fast progression, yes, but unarguably one of the best candidates for the role.
  8. kit

    Doorman takes law into his own hands

    Ok, you arrest both. You're tied up for a few hours putting them through custody, as well as presumably another officer. Additionally, the nightclub is down one member of security. You have no complainant and conflicting statements - do you think CPS would press with a prosecution? Should it kick off there again, would you be criticised then? We get criticised just for turning up. It hardly strikes me as the "easy" option. Merely the more practical one.
  9. kit

    Doorman takes law into his own hands

    Strong words of advice to all involved plus club owner/head of security, send everyone separate ways. If there's no complaint, it isn't really in the public interest to be locking people up.
  10. kit

    Traffic Stop - Showing No Insurance

    Very very very rarely thanks to modern technology, but yes they're still an option for us. To save money, our VDRS's use the same exact form, so we could get him to fix any vehicle defects at the same time too.
  11. kit

    Traffic Stop - Showing No Insurance

    Issue him with a HORT/1.
  12. If off-duty at a serious RTC I'd be far more concerned about the well-being of the casualty and scene safety/preservation than any offences.
  13. Last year's was 1 application pool resulting in 2 assessment centres resulting in 2 separate training cohorts, one started training September last year and the other is starting next week.
  14. Will probably be a split batch again like last year, so two assessment centres and two intakes from one application group.