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  1. PCGoody

    ***BREAKING NEWS**** No cuts to police budgets

    That may not be necessary - so don't go to too much effort mate lol :D. Take care
  2. PCGoody

    Stick on klickfast

    This is where having individual regional services falls down. I think anything 'sticky' has disaster written all over it, especially in the job where you're moving around all the time. When your area gets out of the 18th Century hopefully this will allow you to have a fit-for-purpose uniform.
  3. PCGoody

    ***BREAKING NEWS**** No cuts to police budgets

    That's other people's choice, not mine. I'm not going to suppress my opinion in an open forum. That makes absolutely no sense? People can disagree, that's the beauty of it, because if everyone agreed it wouldn't be a forum - it would be a mind-numbing message board of clucking hens throwing darts at Theresa May. Look where that's got us! Or you could terminate my membership if you only want one-sided views. But again, that's other people's choice, not mine and I'm sure I could find someone else who'll listen to my rants. My shrink took the same stance, and look where I am now :D.
  4. PCGoody

    ***BREAKING NEWS**** No cuts to police budgets

    Hi Burnsy. If it bothers you that much, use the block facility. I can assure you it works really well. Either way, I won't stop giving my opinion so it's your choice, not my decision Which one is it, not forward thinking or innovative or a better fiscal situation to enable it by a forward thinking and innovative Government? A compliment within an insult there - or rather a conflicting contradiction :D Indeed they do and indeed they are! Politics is a daily subject, especially in the current climate and with regard to the rapid change in the face of the police service - so very pertinent. So, with respect, as above really. Sorrynotsorry .
  5. TM Parody Phrase: "I treat you all like you're my children. Because I care about you, and you act like them"

  6. PCGoody

    ***BREAKING NEWS**** No cuts to police budgets

    Forward, innovative thinking. I love it. Spending to save not spending for the sake of spending and it going nowhere. It appears to be along similar lines as to the answers given by forum members in a question I posed some weeks ago so that is good news. There is hope for people on here yet :D. This will have to be managed carefully and not just giving a load of cash to a Chief Constable who has been a PC since day dot who wouldn't know what to do with it. Look at the current mess. Empty buildings, officers doing jobs that they need not to and could be dealt with by a civilian, more police cars than there was ever needed (even before the cuts [psst. which haven't actually meant a lot of empty boots per area in reality]), systems being implemented 15 years too late and the technology is old and untested and not fit for modern purpose et. cetera. Get some businessmen and women in to assess and oversee it.
  7. Or, to paraphrase: "The semi-retired pen-pushing old-school Cop with a point to prove said "I really miss catching criminals and bullying people, so I like to make mountains out of molehills and really make a good show of people who do show signs of being human. SC Fanospour's forgetfulness should cost him his position and to hell with his £12,000 commitment. I'm not really sure what goes on in the real world as I've been stuck in a college for so long, but surely this is up there with some heinous crimes. His dismissal shows that we will kick out as many people as possible for little or no reason because we're bored of being stuck in a college and, for whatever reason, cannot go back to front-line policing." There must be more to this story otherwise there are some serious psychological issues with this man.
  8. PCGoody

    Reveal body camera

    It's green when recording and the dim flashing of red is when the nightmode is on. Well I guess it depends what make/model your regional service is using but that's mine anyway.
  9. PCGoody

    ***BREAKING NEWS**** No cuts to police budgets

    Absolutely to both.
  10. PCGoody

    ***BREAKING NEWS**** No cuts to police budgets

    TM only acts on what remit and funding she is given/or asked to save by GO. I guess this means we can make the Police Federations redundant now, or is that a little premature?
  11. PCGoody

    Reveal body camera

    Night-vision mode activated where in dim light. Almost makes the footage image a negative of itself. Turn it off completely if not using it as it drains the battery quicker than the Police Federation drains the soul from every living organism.
  12. PCGoody

    ***BREAKING NEWS**** No cuts to police budgets

    I'm not sure what there is to discuss? If the Government have deemed suitable to have made enough reductions, then good news job done. Although this is just a headline, so the business plan as such has yet to materialise. In any case, make no bones about it, this doesn't mean that further efficiencies won't be required and we will have to learn how to do things differently - such as working with other agencies and together as one unified service. There will still be changes, such as having one Chief Constable spanning several areas - and rightly so. You don't have a CEO in each branch of a business, but one CEO and several area managers. George is an incredible man who has done wonders and admire key parts of his findings: http://news.sky.com/story/1594143/spending-review-2015-the-key-points Never doubted him for a second.
  13. Well blow me, April 1st has come around again rather quickly. On the face of it, it sounds as though a massive over-reaction and re-iterates my point of 'trust no one'. It may be the case of these two other SC's maybe wanted to prove a point or taking the 'Professional Standards' line way too seriously. Alternatively there may be more to the story in which we are not privy to and has proven to be dishonest. It does rather beg the question, if it was only "four or five quid", why the muppet didn't just pay it at the point of sale? Technically this is theft, unless there is some recognised process of paying later on a 'tab'. I once did this with the sandwich lady who visited. I rarely carry cash and used to settle at the end of the week - but this was acceptable and my name put into a little book. More information would be useful but I doubt we'll ever know.
  14. PCGoody


    How many CSOs do you have in your area, how many incidents of ASB are there, what is the outcome of the ASB including incidents leading to any penalty? When you say "vital role", what do you mean by this?
  15. Yes. Catch it, bin it, and treat-humanely it. It'll hardly be worth the paperwork and effort for the punishment but I always see it as the inconvenience being the biggest punishment with things like this.