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  1. that article doesn't really pick out the advantages of PFI, that being a fully built and maintained building for a known annual cost. The police forces are to all purposes renting the building all the cleaning and planned maintenance and depreciation are covered by the contactors. That's a little more than the initial build costs to be met, the expensive sink plug is a silly , that's a pound for the plug and 89 quid to send a trades man in a van to fit it. It's quite good value compared to the cost the police charge to have your stolen car recovered
  2. but the police do lots and lots of unpopular things, why is this the only thing they put no effort in to, if I run a red light they will chase me for miles, if I knock a pregnant women over to steal her phone, its like, no can't be bothered with that, let's go and set up a speed trap or arrest some hunt protesters , that's a lot easier
  3. not my job, I'm a worried citizen and tax payer, I pay the government to look after me, the government pays the,chief constable, I don't pop down to the hospital to tell them how to deal with a flu our break, that's their job
  4. yes indeed, but still you think he would have put the,safety on, or even took the bullets out first
  5. who or what? well the who is the police force charged with keeping law and order, the what il leave up the the,chief constable, they get a quarter of a million a year, for that they should be able to come up with a few idea's
  6. its going to get worse and worse till somebody takes some responsibly to stop it
  7. despite the media, calling it a moped crime wave, you are probably safer with an actual moped than everything else, what use is a bike that won't go over 30mph as a get away vehicle. The scooters they are using are upto 600cc and can hit a,considerable top speed. once they have got their getaway bike, they are then using them to steal other bikes, all sorts of bikes not just scooters either by cutting though the chain or taking them at knife point or aas of recently throwing acid on the rider. Or any number of other street robberies - its less the initial theft that's the problem, that has always gone on, there are a good number of probably stolen bikes whizzing about round here, what they don't seem to be doing is attacking mops in a random and vicious manner. the fact that the London problem is being ignored from an enforcement point of view will quite possibly encourage them to take it to the next step. They are to all purposes 21st century highwaymen
  8. according to the BBC the latest idea to deal with this,menace, is to splash the scooter with smart water, though if they can splash water on it, they can probably catch them, no explanation how this might work? Perhaps every one carries a paintball gun? in other news the police are said to be monitoring social media accounts to see if they can work out who is doing this from tweets, good to see them being pro active
  9. there are dangers to cyclists all year round, why aren't they doing this in may June and July, if it's worth doing, there is nothing strategic about ignoring the danger for 10months of every year, . Apart from the strategy of only sending police bikers out in the warm weather of course
  10. im not aware the public has ever been asked their preference on if they would sooner have the police catch errant motorists or the hoards of scooter criminals blighting the capital. I would be more impressed , if this was a year round thing, rather than a publicity stunt, rolled out every august and forgotten about as soon as the,weather turns unpleasant, which is usually about,september
  11. george b

    vehicle asb driver not identified

    possibly, but young men who hang about in gangs on sports fields,may not be the type of young men who want to be known as police informers,particularly as if you want to use it as evidence for court, you are going to require them to complete a witness statement and if required turn up at court to give evidence. Could be a hard sell?
  12. george b

    vehicle asb driver not identified

    its identifying the car seen spinning as the one now parked up that's the problem, let's say he says who the mechanic was, you still can't tie the car to the offence unless he admits to it, you need a reg no or at the very least something really distinctive about the car, which is hard to do for either across a football field
  13. george b

    vehicle asb driver not identified

    the keeper repeated here say? someone told him it was the same car, you might need to track down these people,and see if any of them made a note of the reg no. Other wise its the same thing as the pc thinking its the same car are you suggesting the op made a,formal 172 request,? there is nothing in the post to suggest that is so
  14. two miles in an hour, thats a very slow,dog
  15. george b

    vehicle asb driver not identified

    Can you confirm beyond all reasonable doubt that it was the same vehicle, if you cant your options are limited tto issuing a s59 against the vehicle, you could go down the,s172 route and establish who TH. Driver was, but you still can't take it to court with out a positive identification or an admission