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  1. Logical


    I've replied to your message BravoAlpha Good luck with the assessment!
  2. Logical


    I don't think you necessarily need to buy any books, although I bought the Blackstones handbook for policing students. Crammed full of everything you'll need on the course, and a lot lot more. You'll most probably be supplied with enough learning material by your force though to get through the training/basics.
  3. Logical

    Fitness Test...

    The email will come.... eventually! Congratulations!
  4. Logical

    Special Constabulary uniform

    We had a fitting appointment where we was measured and tried on different sizes as we were issued the kit.
  5. About to book my first shift. Nervous & excited!

  6. Logical

    Radio Antenna Accessory

    Ahh, spikeys!
  7. Logical


    I've got a bog standard digital Casio watch with illumatior backlight. £14 quid, or thereabouts, from Argos. If it breaks, it breaks. Cheap and cheerful!
  8. Logical

    Special Constabulary uniform

    In west yorkshire we was issued our uniform fairly close to our attestation dates. (Not including epaulettes (now called sliders ), cuffs, baton etc)
  9. Logical

    Rules around police and helmets?

    Well, just recently attested and was only issued with a flat cap. It would seem they have ditched issuing the custodian after all!
  10. Logical

    Extra Epaulettes

    I wouldn't mind some extra pairs either. Quite an old post however! - did you ever find out?
  11. Just a quick update - worth every penny so far! As mentioned above - the knowledge check questions often ask things which aren't in the pre-reads, so it definitely comes in handy!
  12. Logical

    Working hours

    Got some decent hours in then!
  13. Logical

    Working hours

    That's brilliant - are you hoping to try for a full time position at some point in the future too? I wonder if being a special will open up opportunities for other employment too, such as security jobs etc, or will most employers be put off by the fact that you might need time off for court dates etc? Has anyone experienced any situations like this with regards to other employment?
  14. Logical

    Working hours

    I'm actually currently unemployed, so if I still don't have full time work by June then I'll be whacking a fair few hours out!
  15. Logical

    Rules around police and helmets?

    Do you know what their reasons were for reinstating it? Would be interesting to know and see if WYP follow suit.