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  1. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Has anyone heard anything positive from HR to suggest that those of us who are not lucky enough to get onto the intakes won't have our applications binned, I'm starting to feel the last year will have nothing at the end
  2. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Can I ask when you were signed off, so I have an idea of timescales please? Thank you
  3. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    I was told today all who are on waiting list may not get a space for 2016, and currently no discussion regarding 2017 intakes Not looking good for those of us still waiting
  4. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Hi all, I am finally on the waiting list, but was hoping for a little more advice regarding posting. I requested Telford and Wrekin as I feel living near Walsall that was the most suitable, but looking into it I feel north Worcestershire would also be doable, with areas such as Kidderminster
  5. Emma79

    assessment centre

    Hi, Not sure about the new written test, as I have heard it's changed since I had mine. What I will offer is pay attention to spelling. Things such as wood instead of would, no instead of know, will all get marks taken off Glad your application is going well and good luck
  6. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Hi all, Just read somewhere that when you have passed the whole process, before you are given an offer that they will recheck references, vetting and medical again? Is this the case as seems alittle strange to have to do it all again?
  7. Evening, I don't believe they work Saturdays, and the number to ring is just the 0300 number, ask for recruitment and they ask if it's PC or SC ? Then put you straight through.
  8. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Good afternoon, Has anyone heard anymore regarding the 7 intake dates? The wait is a killer
  9. Emma79

    Police officer pay

    Thanks for that
  10. Emma79

    Police officer pay

    I was just wondering if anyone knows what west Mercia start there new recruits on?
  11. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    400+? Well that has ruined my day I have no hope of getting on an intake this year then as my file hasn't even been signed off yet And I thought things were looking positive as well.
  12. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Yes my vetting has been confirmed as complete, I want to ring for updates but hate to feel like I'm pestering the recruitment team, may ring on Friday Hopefully good news will come soon, thanks for that information though that's made my evening
  13. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    I submitted online forms months ago, I don't think that part has any order to it, the fitness test was my final part and did that two weeks ago I'm just want to be signed off now, and get a date to start my new career it's been a long process as I'm sure you will agree
  14. Emma79

    West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Hi danno86, I started the process the end of2014, so it's been a long process Promise17, thanks for that, that's great news about the 7 intakes, just hope I get my file signed off in time to be on one, did it take long to sign your file off once everything was done? And is it just a case of making sure they have everything they need ? Sorry for all the questions also do you know why there is no longer uniform fitting?