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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes roughly for an appeal to come back?
  2. Hello all, I have now appealed so just a waiting game now... fingers crossed!! I can't see it being anything that I've done as never been in trouble with the police and so on but I know my older brothers arent angels so without blaming anyone it could be one of them, or it could be something totally different. I wish they'd actually tell you what you failed on though :/
  3. Hello there, I received an email from resourcing at Gloucestershire Constabulary yesterday notifying me that i have failed my security clearance. I have now appealed against this but if it does come back and i still have no luck is it possible to apply for another force rather than having to wait six months to apply for Gloucestershire again? Really devastated that I have failed the security clearance and i feel as though my childhood dream of becoming a police officer has been shattered after all the hard work put in to get this far. Sorry to babble on and I wish everyone else the very best with their progress within the recruitment stages. Duainep
  4. What would you lot recommend putting in an appeal? I'll write one tomorrow at work I think, worth a try I suppose!
  5. Absolutely gutted! Worst feeling ever! The way I'm feeling at the moment I'm not going to bother trying again because if I don't get it next time it will just frustrate me more I think - i disclosed everything, never been in trouble with the police or nothing so really don't know what went wrong ? sending a letter to the main vetting manager to see if I can have any information on why I was denied
  6. Just heard back from Gloucestershire Constabulary and they have informed me I have failed my vetting! I've worked so hard for this and to say the least I am absolutely gutted! ? guess that's the end of the road for me ?
  7. duainep

    Fitness Test...

    Hello there! As long as my security vetting comes back okay (fingers crossed it does) I have a induction meeting on the 6th October! Have you had your vetting back yet Hel38? ☺
  8. Hello there bud! I've replied to your direct message, all the best! Duaine
  9. duainep

    Fitness Test...

    Wicked! As ive said I can't wait for a email saying that I've passed vetting babe and that it's time for uniform fitting ? I've got training dates for October obviously as long as I pass the vetting stage ☺ Hope your all enjoying your Mondays! ?
  10. duainep

    Fitness Test...

    Thanks for the replies both! Yeah always wanted to become a police officer... my mum used to hate me for always having The Bill on so she couldn't watch emmerdale lol - i know what you see on telly is a lot different to reality but I just like the thought of helping my community
  11. duainep

    Fitness Test...

    Haha no worries mate and oh I've not heard of that, they've literally gave me the vetting forms and that was it - ill be the same mate believe me lol.. so whats your plans then bud? Stay as a special or eventually apply as a regular? ☺
  12. duainep

    Fitness Test...

    Well done for getting so far mate, I wonder why they make you fitness test and so on before vetting has came back... because If someone fails the security clearance then it's just a waste of time? Strange but can't wait for the email saying I've passed vetting! (Fingers crossed I do pass) ☺
  13. duainep

    Fitness Test...

    Exactly the same as me, check my emails daily hoping there will be an email from HR! I bet uniform fitting was immense wasn't it? i think that's when it will sink in for me lol!
  14. duainep

    Fitness Test...

    Sorry mate you've lost me haha, ctc level? I bet your buzzing cause your training is this month! I can't wait to be able to say that it's this month ☺
  15. duainep

    Fitness Test...

    Ace! Well done for getting so far in the process mate! I'm not starting training until October, still awaiting security clearance too