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  1. Dan_Williamson10

    Assessment Centre Thread

    Had the medical today. Hearing, eyes, lung capacity, blood pressure, urine sample, bmi and half of my hair taken (more like 10 strands but it felt and looked like a lot). Is this it medical wise in terms of tests or should I expect another medical appointment?
  2. Dan_Williamson10

    Assessment Centre Thread

    Medical tomorrow...
  3. Dan_Williamson10

    Assessment Centre Thread

    Yes, vetting forms were handed in at the assesment centre stage. Got my medical form today to fill in and send off, then it will be waiting on a date for medical! Does anyone know if the physical tests are at the same time as the medical or is it a seperate process?
  4. Dan_Williamson10

    Assessment Centre Thread

    Good news received today with the assesment centre result! Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. Dan_Williamson10

    Assessment Centre Thread

    I had mine today. Found the interview very tricky. Had prepped so much for the competencies but the examples i had werent too relevant for the questions which were asked so found it very tough. Written test i think went well and the sjt is difficult to judge either way.
  6. Dan_Williamson10

    Withdrawing an application

    Well the recruitment is still open which is why i was hoping i could maybe withdraw now and reapply straight away with a view to getting on the next assesment course. Like you say, if its not deemed possible, i will for sure be sticking with the assesment date i currently have.
  7. Dan_Williamson10

    Withdrawing an application

    I could and will do if there is no opportunity to reschedule or re-apply straight away. Its just not ideal to be going through a house move when i want to be fully focused in prepartion for the assesment day!
  8. Dan_Williamson10

    Withdrawing an application

    Thanks Chewie, yes i plan to call them again tomorrow as the comms today was only via email. Was hoping someone on here may have had a similar issue...
  9. Dan_Williamson10

    Withdrawing an application

    Hi. I am wondering if anyone can offer some advise. I have been succesfully shortlisted for the West Yorks specials and have the assesment centre at the end of October. Personal circumstances in terms of an ongoing move into a new build house and have today been given a completion date of the week of assesment. I enquired today with HR to see if i could attend the next set of assesment days as recruitment is still open. They said they dont know of planned future assesment days and if i would like to withdraw my application. I said no initially, but does anyone know if i did withdraw my app at this stage, could i resubmit my app straight away with a view to being shortlisted again and hopefully a more convenient assesment date? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Dan_Williamson10

    Joining the WYP - Where to start?

    Hi Clarkly3013. I am in the process of special constable recruitment and have the assesment centre approaching. The idea is that you volunteer alongside your regular job. A minimum of 16 hours per month is required. With you currently serving in the army, there are certain jobs which are classed as restricted occupations and i think armed forces personal maybe one of them...
  11. Dan_Williamson10

    Assessment Centre Thread

    Hi. Yes i am also at the 30th Oct assesment day! are you preparing well?