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  1. dubfire

    Challenging Discrimination

    Haha I love how you are obviously using a real example here. I always think about it as; 1. Challenge, 2. Report, 3. Support (the victim) 4. Monitor for the future.
  2. dubfire

    Fitness Test

    I GUARANTEE I know at least one person who will give you stick for turning up in a suit should you decide to do so hahaha.
  3. dubfire

    Fitness Test

    Believe me pal the trainers wont care! They are really nice blokes and will help you along, they are not there to feedback on anything but you attaining the level required. Personally I showed up in normal clothes and got changed into sports stuff but that's only because I was doing some shopping after!
  4. dubfire

    Regulars Recruitment

    Just the one, very big, hurdle to overcome now ;-). Good luck...
  5. I had to deal with this about 3 months ago but on a normal two lane road. I was walking to the gym and was greeted by two smashed cars, a motorcycle, the rider of the motorcycle in a prone position with a few bystanders and debris all over the road. My first thought, if im honest, was "Oh dear son, you are going to have to deal with this now and you haven't got any choice....". Im not that far into service (about 10 months now or 7 at the time) and traffic is my weak point. Fortunately I had recently had a bit of input on RTCs which turned out to be a god send! My first thought was to try and get some medical help for the rider/anyone else and rather ironically, they had crashed right outside a doctors surgery so someone went in to get a doctor. Once the rider was being seen to I rang in for a traffic bobby if possible but it turns out the ambulance (who had already been called) had already alerted the police who were on route. I tried as best I could to preserve the scene whilst setting up some form of safe flow of traffic. No one had one of those reflective hazard things to put in the road so we used the hazard lights of the respective cars to try and warn people and I stood in the road directing traffic. Took some details of the people to pass on to the on duty guys when they showed up which I did not long after. Im not sure if that was procedure by the book but I did my best and no obvious offenses had happened so I left once ambulance and on-duty police had everything sorted.
  6. I think you can definitely prepare. I went in feeling I was prepared and passed with a good score. I went on a preparation day and studied a book about passing the police assessment centre which I think did me the world of good. If you cant afford a prep day, google some books and get a friend or partner to practice the role plays with you.
  7. dubfire

    Off duty arrest

    Im not a constable im a cat.... Anyway back to topic, in reality I would wait for an on duty officer in all probability. Whatever your opinion its the most likely outcome in real life
  8. dubfire

    Off duty arrest

    Citizens arrest - not badging out if I can avoid it
  9. dubfire

    Off duty arrest

    Personally I would just detain them. Its robbery after all which is indictable so do the exciting stuff, then wait for an on duty officer to come along and book them in etc! I wouldn't even mention being an officer at the time and just do a statement as a witness.
  10. dubfire

    Specials & Tasers

    Quickly put on as many clips of 'The Dog Whisperer' as you can on Youtube whilst responding to the job. By the time you are there you would hope the dog can already sense your presence and respects you.
  11. dubfire

    Man singing Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles

  12. dubfire

    Learning a martial art

    If you go down this route ensure its Olympic Taekwondo, not traditional, as they have a good level of speed and flexibility with their kicks and practice points based sparring quite a lot. Its not particularly effective in real life but its still useful to do and I think supplements things like Muay Thai quite well.
  13. dubfire

    Learning a martial art

    I would avoid some traditional martial arts as they just don't work. I have competed and won at world level and have an extensive full contact fighting record and I can say for certain that the best to learn are (if you are thinking striking); boxing, Muay Thai and possibly kickboxing. I say possibly kickboxing because a lot of gyms are run by people who literally have no idea what they are talking about and have never been in a scrap in the lives. Also boxing and Muay Thai gyms put more of an emphasis on fitness as many of their members will be getting ready for upcoming fights, so this will suit you better in that regard. Also I think Muay Thai is a good art as it teaches you some clinch work with sweeps that can be useful although only ever use Home Office approved techniques if you need to use force whilst on duty. MMA clubs can be ok but beware of people calling themselves legitimate clubs when they may just be getting on the UFC popularity bandwagon to earn a bit of money. If you want to learn some grappling then freestyle or greco-roman wrestling can be good, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Sambo, Judo (must be olympic style Judo), submission wrestling etc. Any decent MMA club will have a good instructor in one of more of these arts. The thing I say to everyone about this is if you ever want to be able to use any of these things in self defense, you simply have to practice and spar properly. Training without sparring is like learning the piano from a book. If you're only after fitness, then dont worry about sparring.
  14. dubfire

    Gaining IPS - popping that IP cherry

    I would stick to what you're doing and keep going out with experienced officers. By all means try if you want, but imagine what could happen if you came across a situation you simply could not deal with, is it really worth it? Also im not sure about your force but mine do quite good operations that I think suit recently IP specials. For example you are off patrolling on your own in the City on a Saturday night but as part of an operation. There are officers that can get to you quickly if anything really badly goes wrong and you are likely to only deal with public order type stuff rather than really complex issues. I think those type of things are a good tester rather than being thrown in at the deep end.
  15. dubfire

    Specials to Regs

    Yes you will be fine. They are recruiting about 300 externally and you only need to have A level qualifications. There is no stipulation for a CKP or anything like that and any requirement to be a PSCO/Staff or Special is for internal recruitment which is entirely different.