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  1. Tekkers

    SC to PC

    Completley agree. In the grand scheme of things being a special means nothing in terms of recruitment for regulars which is a shame.
  2. Dont be surprised if it is. I am hearing lots of talk about a specials recruitment freeze until the end of the year due to the imbalance of independent specials to that who are still in their probation.
  3. Tekkers

    Best policing memory

    Attending a job where a young girl with learning difficulties had been taken back to a household directly from school and was in company of people who there had been a history of CSE in the past. In the household when we arrived there was a real tension in the air as we told them under no certain terms that the girl is coming with us as there is a court order against the people involved to be nowhere near this vulnerable child. The poor girl was in tears and had clearly been told a story to share if she was ever questioned about the whole incident. The feeling when we got the young girl out of that home and saw her whole persona change and see her become a happy smiley young girl once she was in the back of the police car on the way back to safety really is something that sticks out to me and reminds me why I want to do this full time so much.
  4. Tekkers

    Dealing with missing children - HMIC Report.

    I can only speak from my own personal experiences in my own force area. It seems alot of the times these children who become mispers are involved with social services and it is quite common to have calls come in around 4pm on a Friday when their case worker is about to book off for the weekend to inform us child has gone missing, however they cant deal with this as they are about to leave work for the weekend but could we go and look for them? On many occasions the social workers know where these children are but they just dont follow this up themselves and want the police to sort it. I know of many cases in my area where some children have gone from their homes 10,20,30+ times and are quite often found in the same place each time saying the same things of how they dont like where they are etc... and at the end of the day it gets boring quite quickly for all involved as its the same old game. Obviously we have to look into it, we are duty bound to but its quite hard to not become cynical about it all when you know full well what is going on. However we all have a duty of care to these people so we will undertake the task to the best of our ability as thats what we do, we get on with it, Just because a officer may not be the happiest when dealing with the child who they have taken home countless times before it does not mean he will not do so to the best of his ability. Absolutely mispers are under our remit, I would argue however that the social workers have alot to answer for when it comes to children who are going 'missing' countless times.
  5. Tekkers

    Pride in "The Job"

    Once you are operational that soon changes.
  6. Tekkers

    Should Specials carry tasers?

    In my force it would not be good if taser and response courses were being handed out to specials when there is already a large amount of regulars awaiting these courses. Only recently there was speak about specials being offered to go onto PSU training when regulars at my station found out they were far from happy as many were wanting the course themselves. Because of this out of respect to my regular colleagues I declined the opportunity to put in a application for the course. Really the regulars should be first port of call for all of these courses, it is their jobs at the end of the day. After that is sorted I see no issue with this training being rolled out to specials who fit the need for these courses.
  7. Tekkers

    Why'd you join?

    Long term I want to be come a regular. I became a Special as at the time of applying regular recruitment was not open so I thought it would give me an insight of the job and see if it is something I would like to do long term. It has helped me alot and I still want to join as a regular in the near future.
  8. Tekkers

    YouTube Videos

    I have been recorded once by a male who we were responding to a call about him being harassed by the local youths, he decided to record us as 'he knows what us lot are like' Fair enough, he has every right to record as long as he is not obstructing us in the course of our duty he has every right to do so! In this day and age with everybody and their pet cat having a smartphone with the ability to record video and post to social media platforms within a matter of seconds its something that you will probably come across one day or another. Your best bet is to just be confident in what you are doing, know your powers and you wont go wrong
  9. Tekkers

    Policing near the workplace

    It really is as simple as 201594 put it. I live, work and police in the same area, I have not had any issues to date. If you think it is a issue you will be able to change stations im sure so you are not policing where you work.
  10. Tekkers

    Nitrate Gloves.

    You wont even need to buy your own. At the nick there will be loads of boxes around ready for you to take from
  11. No problem mate. If you are in the pool just stay patient and you will be in training sooner rather than later hopefully with the announcement today!
  12. From what I have personally heard there will be no more intakes for regulars for 4-5 years. People who have completed the assessment centre over the last few years are in a "pool" so to say and intakes will be taken from people in this pool for new officers. Specials recruitment has been halted untill the new year as the recent push for specials has flooded many stations with too many specials in probation and not enough around to aid them in the process of becoming achieving independent status. So if you have done the assessment centre just sit and wait there will be a time where they will come calling... There is a regular at my station who was waiting almost 3 years for the call but it did come and he is now in the job full time.
  13. I am a 5'6 male special... with my boots lets call it 5'7 to make myself feel better I have had no problems, It is all in the way you carry yourself and when things do have to get hands on I have not found any issue personally. Just be confident in yourself!
  14. Hi! are you going for specials or regulars?
  15. Tekkers

    First duty tonight - tips

    Good luck and enjoy it! Just a few things off of the top of my head... First things first...get your tea/coffee making head on as in my station I was expected as the new guy to make the whole section a tea/coffee and remember what combination of sugar/milk everybody wanted. For extra brownie points a pack of chocolate digestives or doughnuts for the briefing will go down a treat Be keen! Talk to your colleagues, listen to them and you will learn. Do not come in with a chip on your shoulder, that wont go down well! be open minded and ready to learn but also be confident in what you already know, you will be surprised! If there is a opportunity for you to do something for example a vehicle check or a search etc talk to your colleague and let them know you feel confident to do so, but dont go charging in. But also when your colleague is taking the lead on jobs keep an eye on them and how they talk to people, how they do things, how they talk on the radio etc. Use your own initiative...use your pocket notebook alot! note down VRMS and other things of note from briefings. When talking to people in relation to incidents take down their details every time, wether they could be a witness or actually involved in the incidents as it could really help in the long run and you can be doing this while your colleague is dealing with other things. Get radio time if you can! Talk to the public where possible and interact with as many people as you can in uniform, you will feel the difference when you are out and about on patrol! Just a few things off of the top of my head! Most of all enjoy it...and all the best in your police career