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  1. i would not like to be there
  2. heamoron

    Ring My Bell

    if in doubt ask boris lol
  3. heamoron

    Ring My Bell

    1st class
  4. heamoron

    Assessment Centre 12th/13th

    Now only the much loved fitness test to go !!!
  5. well i work for a very large supermarket chain begining with T and when i told my line manager they were as obstructive to me as they could be :new_no:
  6. heamoron

    march 2012 traning intake

    21 days till Training starts whoo!!!!! who is geting nervous of excited
  7. heamoron

    QVC Fail.

    Truly brilliant
  8. 28 days to go till training starts !!!

  9. Is p***ed right of now

  10. heamoron

    march 2012 traning intake

    well the amount of fule it costs it is cheeper to feed my car beer lol and lets just hope i dont go leaving any of my uniform at hom... dont rely fancey the drive back lol
  11. heamoron

    march 2012 traning intake

    Well I am form the far western reaches of West Cornwall in Penzance So I have a very nice drive ahead of me lol
  12. heamoron

    march 2012 traning intake

    Were abouts you from in D an C????
  13. heamoron

    I passed....

    hell done and only the fitness to go!!