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    my interest are scuba diving and motorbikes
  1. isongard

    Prison Service Jobs

    The Scottish prison service are currently recruiting for various locations across Scotland applications close 12 December 2017 http://www.sps.gov.uk/ select current vacancies and begin the application process
  2. isongard

    Prison Service Jobs

    The Scottish prison service wil possibly be recruiting again sometime soon on a national campaign www.sps.gov.uk check out the current vacancies for when the campaign opens up for applications for prison officer
  3. Might have to look for a room to rent just for me until a house and school can get found
  4. Actively looking at the area now Whitehaven and creator moor areas. Just need to find good primary school that is close enough to a possible house
  5. isongard

    Regular applying for CNC

    It takes a while to get through to the Assesment centre just be singleminded read all the info that will come with regards to the Assesment phase and know the core competencies well and your examples you used in your application form but have a couple more incase you want to use them. And practice them to a friend too.
  6. isongard

    December intake 2014

    Nope you don't need it to apply. Just go for it and see if you are successful.
  7. isongard

    December intake 2014

    Really good everyone is pulling together as a team.
  8. isongard

    December intake 2014

    I'm guessing you all must be getting a wee bit excited today
  9. isongard

    December intake 2014

    Come on admit it you all have little countdown timers don't you don't be shy
  10. isongard

    December intake 2014

    Don't despair you got a lot further than a lot of applicants so take a lot of positives from that. what about getting a referral to a ENT consultant see if the problem can be fixed with trying again if you get the all clear.
  11. isongard

    December intake 2014

    We have had the bleep test which we all passed
  12. isongard

    December intake 2014

    Nah just me doing my own phys
  13. isongard

    December intake 2014

    Just oh 7 miles Just oh 7 miles
  14. isongard

    December intake 2014

    Hello all, having a really good time
  15. isongard

    December intake 2014

    Hello all, having a really good time