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  1. Dotdash

    Specials AC.... Bit of a pickle ?

    Well, that's that done, went yesterday and after all my concern about the competency questions I felt they went ok, may have made a pigs ear of the report writing though, spent too long reading the material and suddenly found I was short on time and rushed it a bit. My fault, should have prepared better for that. Anyway it's certainly been an experience whatever happens! Cheers
  2. Dotdash

    Specials AC.... Bit of a pickle ?

    Not sure what the excel framework is? I am working from the "competencies relevant to the role of special constable" that was provided as appendix A in the Information for candidates pack that was e mailed to me by WYP. There are 6 and i will be questioned on 4. Openness to change Service delivery professionalism working with others
  3. Dotdash

    Specials AC.... Bit of a pickle ?

    Thanks for your replies, very useful. I think I may have been going about the competencies in too much depth. I have been matching a situation I have had to a competency and then trying to fit each and every area of that competency into my answer. This has led to me basically writing out a script/speech that I have been trying to learn word for word. Think I need to be more general, give my answer and hopefully if I have chosen a good example it will naturally hit the competencies? Still a bit concerned about the vetting but hey ho, not a lot I can do about that. I have been open and honest on the application so as they've put me through that fingers crossed for the vetting...........if I get that far! Cheers
  4. Firstly hi to everyone, new here, first post as doing some research and came across this site, I have an assessment for west Yorkshire specials next week. About me: I'm a bit long in the tooth having served 26 years as a firefighter, still serving but want a new challenge and the police is something I have always wanted to do....... So here comes the pickle, I have a couple of convictions from way back in the 18th century I think , ...(in my late teens, early twenties) I assume I can't say what they were on here but they were both the same and involved going to court and receiving a fine. One of my questions is I declared these on my application and have been put through for assessment, fine, but I have also received a vetting form to complete, pretty much the same questions as the application form. Therefore as I got through the application sift am I likely to be knocked back by the vetting process further down the line. Is it a separate body (external) who do the vetting or the same people as the application sift? It would seem harsh to me that they put me through to assessment only to fail vetting on information they already have? Albeit I recognise I made mistakes and these have come back to bite me on the a?s, fair do's if so. Second question is that being 970yrs old I have little experience of competency based interviews, I assume this skill is now taught at school/university. I have spent a considerable amount of time studying these but can't quite figure out which way to answer. What I mean is, say they asked a specific question like " tell me a time when you have challenged unprofessional conduct" in my answer do I just deal with that area of the competency or do I need to include every area of the professionalism competency. Hope that makes sense. I have situations for each competency but if I need to cover every aspect of the competency 5 mins ain't nearly long enough! How strict are they on the 5 mins? Sorry if a bit long winded, time for mi horlicks.....bloody pipes gone out now as well Thanks in advance for any advice/tips