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  1. Exactly my words to the Commander who attested me.But it's ok, he left to head up another Constabulary :D
  2. Polizist

    Interview news

    I wouldn't worry that much if I were you. I am sure that everyone who interviews for a role they really want thinks they've flubbed it. I was sure I messed up mine, too, but I passed just fine. Which Force are you joining?
  3. Polizist

    (Yet another) vetting query

    The Met has a progress counter, which tells you how far you've got. The vetting stage is by far the worst. It feels like it takes forever.
  4. Polizist

    Basic Driving Test (A-to-B)

    Mine also included Met specific policy questions - when to 54 the car, how to do it, who to notify etc. on top of the highway code questions! The practical was literally five minutes up the road to make sure you can physically drive.
  5. Polizist

    What would YOU do?

    S164 of the RTA creates an offence of failing to provide your licence when required to do so by a constable. Necessity of arrest- ascertain name and address. It is a statutory defence for him to prove that he produced it to a police station within 7 days of the requirement. The act actually explicitly states that the purpose of this is to ascertain name, address, date of issue and authority by which it was issued. Anyone want a laugh? This old gem will make your day and should be shown in basic training:
  6. Polizist

    A couple of basic questions if i may?

    As a PND isn't a conviction, I don't think anyone need worry. Disclose it at application. I hope everything went OK.
  7. Warrant card, driving permit, Oyster, piece of paper with something written on it that a friend gave me - to cheer me up on a wet cordon
  8. Polizist

    First duty tonight - tips

    Also: WM flashes when someone has conditions attached to, e.g. a harassment order, telling them not to go somewhere, contact someone etc. So, while you do often arrest for a WM offence, most WM flashes I've come across are for bail conditions and the like. If the conditions of bail are not to enter SE13, for example, and you come across him in that area, "you're nicked sunshine, you're coming along with me" (this part may make more sense to people who have done basic training in the Met).
  9. Polizist

    Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    Did anyone see that the female officer approached with her cuffs out? That is definitely not what the OST instructors teach and you will fail your assessment if you remove your cuffs ten yards from the suspect, not to mention before you even know whether you'll need them or not. And then, she didn't use them anyway.
  10. Polizist

    Patrol Boots

    Magnum Tacticals - the others didn't fit and I was not going to spend a ton on boots when I only get half that refunded. My boots are the business - tough, comfortable, tidy and very light indeed.
  11. Polizist

    Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    I have two grounds so far - something changing hands and the two men walking away on sight of a police officer. I don't know what it is at this point, but on the balance of probability, something unsavoury, as I think they don't want to talk to me (let's assume I used deodorant). My actions would be as follows: shout out asking the males to stop - if they don't, pursue Male 2; he'll either do a runner, in which case, one more ground, or he'll stop, in which case I ask him what he was doing; depending on his answers, I may search him or let him go. I would be confident to search based on this. If there's intel on drug dealing in the area, that's gravy. Good point above about the police doing their job - I would not mind being searched at all if it keeps us safe. After all, I consent to a search when I go through airport security.
  12. I'm a Special and I've gone out with regulars and with MSC. The MSC shifts I do are almost always the best fun, because we get freedom to take the calls we most want to and don't get bogged down in the boring stuff like constant watch and cordons. There will be some things your officers can do that specials can't - most MSC aren't level 3 trained and aren't allowed to use TASER, so pair them on response shifts with the TASER officers and in the smart Beamers. Setting up some regular meets with the Special Inspector would be a good idea, too. My borough is generally decent on specials, because officers are so thin on the ground; as a result of this, we're used in meaningful operational business handling I-grades and doing the whole primary investigation (except for interviews). Because we're given freedom and respect, we stay on until the job's done - it may mean sitting in hospital until 7am, but that's the nature of the beast. Best of luck getting your specials more involved - find some decent ones and grow it from there.
  13. Polizist

    offensive weapon or not

    If I saw someone wielding what appeared to be an offensive weapon, I'd be afraid for my safety. I was thinking affray too. If not that, then breach of the peace.
  14. Polizist

    "Special friendly" boroughs?

    My experience in my borough is very positive. MSC officers can do basically any duty they like and we have own own MSC duties on top of that. Many PCs were specials on the borough and this has led to an appreciation of the work we do. I haven't seen another borough who does a better job.