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  1. TowerPower


    Hello, I'm currently in the final stages of becoming a Police Officer, I have just finished my last medical. I want to buy some books which could help me learn some laws before I actually start training as I know there is a lot to learn. Could anybody recommend any books for me to buy. I want something which can give the laws, points to prove and then do's and don'ts. For example. Stop and search, don't search somebody under PACE section 1 for drugs as this is a seperate power. Thanks for any help in advance. Regards, Tower Power.
  2. TowerPower

    Police Recruitment

    I asked a local force and they stated that I could technically apply now, as long as the assessment centre is 6 months after the date I failed from. A lot of forces that I have seen advertising have stated when their assessment centre dates are and that’s why I haven’t applied yet. I'm willing to move to any force if I can get in, forces taking on at the minute are limited so willinging to move to the area.
  3. TowerPower

    Police Recruitment

    Thanks for the reply, I failed the assessment centre in April. However I have been confirmed that you can apply for forces however the 6 month ban isn’t for applying but for the assessment centre, I'm hoping to start applying again next month but for places with have the assessment centre after the 8th October. I saw that Greater Manchester Police were doing a similar thing and a few weeks back a North East Force were doing the same, but was just wondering if anybody knew anymore Forces which do the same programme.
  4. TowerPower

    Police Recruitment

    Hey, I'm just wondering if anybody knows if any Police forces are going to start recruitment from next month or so. I recently failed the assessment centre by a few marks on the written task and they didn't consider my dyslexia ( found out I was dyslexic the day before and was too short notice for adjustments). However I'm wondering if any forces will be doing the 2:1 degree fast track possibly? Thanks for any help in advance, TowerPower.
  5. TowerPower

    Police SEARCH

    There's the problem, all I got was 22% in written communication and nothing else said for example why I failed in this area. It states not to contact them as I have no right of appeal and that this is all the feedback they can give me. I was jsut wondering if anybody here had the same experience and what my problem may have been in written communication so next time when I do the assessment centre I don't have the same result.
  6. TowerPower

    Police SEARCH

    Thank you for your reply. I was applying for gloucestershire. I am very gutted as I am about finish a degree in Policing and have been a Special for over a year, so a lot of work and effort has been put into becoming a full time Police Constable. I think the worse thing for me is knowing I failed in written communication, for potentially my handwriting when I have passed the assessment centre, excelled in my interview and role plays.... Gutting but hopefully in 6 months when I apply again, I can correct this.
  7. TowerPower

    Police SEARCH

    All it says is writing communication, nothing else :/
  8. TowerPower

    Police SEARCH

    Thank you for all the replies. In regards to the spelliung etc I was tested for dyslexia the day before and it was proven that I had a mild form of it. This was all the day before my assessment centre and therefore could not get the reasonable adjustments in time. Just sod's law that this was the only part I failed in and I can not appeal the process. Always next time I suppose.
  9. TowerPower

    Police SEARCH

    I am just really confused about how they could fail me for handwriting as I got solid B's for my solutions etc in my answer. Surely I would not have gotten high marks in the other areas for the written test if they could not read what I have wrote or it was not grammatically correct?
  10. TowerPower

    Police SEARCH

    It was a written test, I can't go into too much detail as I have signed a agreement stating I cannot disclose what the tests involved within the assessment centre.
  11. TowerPower

    Police SEARCH

    I just found yesterday I failed the Police SEARCH assessment centre, and have a few questions somebody can hopefully answer for me as it is unclear. My overall percentage was 58% With working with others 58% Oral Communication- 98% Written Communication - 22%. They said that although I hit the minimum overall percentage, I however didn't hit the minimum percentage for written communication. My question is why did I score so badly in this area? I looked through my written tests and got solid B's throughout them all but in both failed the written communication by getting two D's. How could I get solid B's for my solutions etc but therefore get a D? Thanks for any explanation as the feedback doesn't go into great detail.
  12. TowerPower


    Currently been using Police Law- Jack English and Richard Card- Blackstone's Police Books Criminal Law - Janet Loveless Iphone App- Iplod AQA Law books. Is there any books you guys recommend? and to be honest forgot I had access to Westlaw. I have that many books I turn to those first and forget about internet services that are usable.
  13. TowerPower


    I am a Special and have used various books and apps to try and find trespassing but haven't been able to access the police computers to search their databases for this law, so decided to ask on here. The problem I had was trespassing on google and the books was coming up with aggravated trespass which is not what this scenario was about. My police knowledge has taught me that they can't be squatting as the owner of the property hasn't stated if they were trespassing or not but I wanted to double check. This is correct, under S17 PACE the police can enter to arrest those squatting in a residential building, the problems I been having is trying to find a defining act which states what trespassing is. Finding out it's common law solves this problem. Thanks to everyone helping me on this question, as stated above I have looked in books and google but the problem is it was only showing aggravated trespass, not trespass in general.
  14. TowerPower


    Sorry the background to these questions is with regards to an university essay I am completing. It states within my given scenario that those squatting in a house 'begin to cause annoyance to their neighbours through their often loud and violent arguments and drunken ‘parties’ The council try to liaise with the owner of the property but he declines to talk to them.
  15. TowerPower


    Can you give me any legal legislation which states that without the owner of a property stating someone is a trespasser. they are therefore not a trespasser please?