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  1. kee


    Just a quick question on training. When i was with GMP as a Special we were required to do a fitness test in OST, if we were to fail it you couldnt continue with OST. I am wondering if Cheshire do this ? I had my induction last week and start OST on Saturday.
  2. kee

    Cheshire police

    Hi all, Just a quick question. When you get your conditional offer and are about to start training how long is it. I use to be a SC with GMP and it was about 6 months. Thanks
  3. kee

    Special Recruitment 2015

    Hi all, I have recently applied for SC with Cheshire and im just wanting to know when you get offered a conditional offer and start training, how long does the training last for. I was a special with GMP and its roughly 6 months. Thanks
  4. kee

    Reduced number of intakes.

    I was quite lucky. I was in the last large intake with about 60 then they went down to 16 a month, but I attested in September.
  5. kee

    Reduced number of intakes.

    You get a form signed by your doctor, then you get an appointment to go in and they see your BMI, eye sight test, hearing, lung capacity etc.
  6. kee

    Wigan & Leigh

    Thanks, I mean in busy areas you can tick off most of your PDP. I've spoke to people at Leigh and it seems I've chosen the best area for me. I'll be starting in September
  7. kee

    Assessment Centre

    Good luck to you both
  8. kee

    Specials - Next Step

    Hi Josh, I'm going to Wigan division working in the Leigh area and currently going through my training. From what I've seen and heard everyone at Leigh is friendly and approachable and will help you with anything you need. If you've passed the medical and have your provisional offer then just sit back and wait for the dates also keep checking your email incase you have been sent any information from recruitment. The time in between passing my medical up until the welcome evening I had a phone call to arrange my uniform fitting, so this might be the case for you too.
  9. kee

    Specials training.

    It sure is and I'll try look out for a jack on the 8th haha. What devision are you going to?
  10. kee

    Specials training.

    I've been allocated Wigan
  11. kee

    Specials training.

    Had the phone call earlier from recruitment to say i'd passed the medical and to confirm my place on the March intake. Uniform fitting has been arranged. I dont think ive ever been so excited
  12. kee

    Specials training.

    Sounds good to me. I had my medical this morning so if all goes well i should get the phone call in a few days and arrange my uniform fitting.
  13. kee

    Specials training.

    I'd quite happily have it done the day after they give me the formal offer if that is what you can do, I dont know how flexible they are.
  14. kee

    Specials training.

    I don't know how they're going to work mine. From the medical it gives them exactly a week to get back to baring in mind there's not a lot of time to give me a formal offer before the 8th unless they plan on doing it all in the same day which I guess will be a lot of work for them. How quick can you organise uniform fitting for? The next day? The next week? I only ask because I'm away on the 26th March