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  1. Zoowatch

    SC recruitment 2015

    I am also recently naturalised, lived in Sheffield for 12.5 years now and I have decided to apply for the exact same reason as you do. Given that all of my family members (and relatives) are all living abroad, I provided the vetting staffs with as many details as possible regarding each and every one of them. I suspect the vetting will take longer in my case, but I don't think that there's anything else that I could have put down in my vetting form that I haven't already done so.
  2. Zoowatch

    SC recruitment 2015

    I suppose it is not any different. You will still need to provide addresses and details of family members living abroad. I don't quite understand why you needed Home Office clearance or is this a separate matter not specific to your Special application? Good luck to your application and let us know how it is going.
  3. Zoowatch

    SC recruitment 2015

    The order of my application is: Application Form (~1.5 month wait) Assessment Centre (~2 to 3 weeks for results) Drug Tests (~2 to 3 weeks for results) asked to complete Financial & Personal Vetting forms (been waiting for vetting for 2 months now) Not given a training start date or fitness test date so far. I concur with everything that has been mentioned regarding vetting. Write down every little bit, as fully and accurately as possible, and hope for the best. My GP charged 25£ for the medical form, and another 25£ by the optometrist for the eye test. Keep the receipts in case you are successful and will get the expenses reimbursed. For the assessment, I carefully studied the core competencies and reviewed my past work/personal experience and gave examples of how specific action fitted with one or more competencies. It may be useful to read through "the definitive guide to passing the police recruitment process" by John McTaggart. I must admit that I felt after the assessment session that I didn't perform that well, but somehow managed to pass. Now the worry is the vetting which is going to be a long wait and no one can sure if that will be the end of the road (hopefully not). I have tried my very best anyway. Reflecting on this, the process has been a lot more tedious and time-consuming than when I applied for my current main job (or any previous job I have been through). Maybe it is meant to be this way to weed out those who aren't serious in becoming a Special. However, many friends and colleagues of mine have also questioned if such level of commitment (and anxiety) will be worth it, considering it is a voluntary work, and the chances of becoming a regular in SYP remain slim in the foreseeable future. Stubbornly, I have always acted with my heart and have come this far.
  4. Zoowatch

    SC recruitment 2015

    I am in the same situation as Wildstevo. Waiting for vetting (since mid July) at the moment and until that's given an all-clear, HR is not giving a start date. I also agree that it is very quiet in South Yorkshire, although I have been told that they are dealing with loads of SC applications at the moment.