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  1. Obsidian_Eclipse

    Hepatitis B injection .... Yes or no?

    Nothing wrong with that, don't be shy ;-) people are there for all sorts of reasons. I used to go and sit for half an hour, fill in questions and speak to sexual health nurse just so I could get a carrier bag full of free condoms. Saves spending a fortune at boots when you hard up.
  2. Obsidian_Eclipse

    New laws of particular interest

    Interesting interpretation. So if its a power or privilege commonly available to everyone then it may not be covered by said bill. Demonstrating what is a detriment or gain should be expanded upon though or at least examples of what they are not.
  3. Obsidian_Eclipse

    Sacked for off duty arrest?

    I'm not sure what to say but it sounds horrendous. In the circumstances described you intervened in an assault, not the theft of a packet of peanuts, which is something quite serious I would hope anyone would do regardless of being a constable or not. Obviously, as a constable the only option under pace is for you to make an arrest because you do not have 'powers other than a constable' to detain until a constable can take responsibility for them. You have fulfilled your oath to act without fear or favour which by adhering so stringently to your employers policy would have held you in contempt of. Seems to me you acted lawfully and in good faith and I wish you all the best. Obviously seek legal counsel and get your union involved (if your in one). If worst comes to worst and your sacked then kick up a massive stink in the media, it sounds quite a juicy tale. That's my opinion.
  4. Obsidian_Eclipse

    Should British Police receive a firearm?

    I'm in a fairly rural location, we have a few deer and hares as well as a fishing pond nearby. In the last year alone whilst walking the dog I've come across a few people with rifles and crossbows doing a little hunting. The fishing pond tends to be exhausted by eastern Europeans who go lamping at night time, along with rather large knives, they even saw down the odd tree for their wood burning fires. Come across someone tooled up like that in the evening with a armed response some 20 miles away can be sobering. The reason why no ones hurt is because on the most part they're unchallenged and jump onto their quad and they're off.
  5. Obsidian_Eclipse

    New laws of particular interest

    Some of our dogs have better statements than the officers, they are pinned up on the wall along with pawprint signatures. Seriously though, the corruption offence can be interpreted in a ridiculously wide scope. It erodes discretion.
  6. Obsidian_Eclipse

    BBC.Police officer numbers: Thousands 'plan to leave service'

    So many are eager to join and there will always be thousands of applications. However, it is true, after a few years you see the enthusiasm leave the regs eyes. Out of all the places I've worked the atmosphere in the police service is perhaps the most toxic.
  7. Obsidian_Eclipse

    New laws of particular interest

    I see what your saying ;-) drug dogs are fine as they specifically trained to perform a particular task. In Notts the policy does state in regards to grounds for searching for drugs that the smell alone is not enough, sadly the policy isn't on the public website anymore apart from a leaflet about PCSOs and stop and search. The smell of cannabis can provide a valid reason for talking to someone and form the beginning of a dialogue which may lead to 'suspicion' (other physical factors, behaviour and so forth). I won't give my opinions on it, in light of other evidence suffice to say though that my nose has never been wrong! However. Considering the 'corruption' offense proposal's, would force policy be enough to suggest a reasonable person would find my exercising powers of search in such circumstances wrong? Or is the police force itself unreasonable?
  8. Obsidian_Eclipse

    Hepatitis B injection .... Yes or no?

    Its worth having it done, if there was an aids vaccine I'd take it. When your holding down a man out of his head on unknown substances and he's thrashing out covered in blood and other fluids there's only so much protection double gloving can give. I was dealing with such a person and he ended up being strapped down in hospital but requiring restraint, he had handcuffs on at some point but it had shredded his wrists and when they were removed it was a struggle to stop him removing the cannula from his neck (doctors couldn't sedate him due to the possibility of him not waking up again). It was a horrible messy time.. He was hiv positive and had hepatitis. Myself and the other cops inspected each other for any tiny knick, scratch or graze post and pre our interaction with him. At least the injections had given one barrier to a disease, that's something.
  9. People were shocked? Really. They seemed quite nonchalant and happy to talk to the soldier and take a few photographs. Most of the tourists come from countries were the police and soldiers carry arms anyway. I wish the sensational media would stop with the gun=panic and fainting routine. On a side note, I'm glad security is being taken seriously and I hope everyone remains safe in the wake of recent events, its when we're most complacent that potential terrorists will likely strike.
  10. Obsidian_Eclipse

    Should British Police receive a firearm?

    I don't know how German reserves get away with a couple of evenings training at the local station so they can carry a sidearm for personal defence on duty.
  11. Obsidian_Eclipse

    New laws of particular interest

    Check your force polices. Yes they are 'policies' and not law but we recently had a recap on stop and search, it was underlined and spoken on several occasions that the smell of cannabis alone is NOT enough of a reason to suspect drugs. I will try and find a link, I've put in on here before when we were having a discussion about stop and search.
  12. Obsidian_Eclipse

    Disobeying a lawful order

    I'm not entirely sure on that.. One of the roles I performed for a while included dismissing specials, I remember one of them was removed from site there and then and suspended for a particular nasty use of language (pending disciplinary). I suppose he could have said your only same as me I'm staying on duty and give two fingers, then I suppose we'd have had to have gone to a regular Sgt but we've never had to. Discipline was managed by most part in house without bothering the regular force. During my time as a s/Sgt i've never had a special disobey anything I've required of them.
  13. Obsidian_Eclipse

    Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit

    If it's 1 out every 10 it's still too much and not much comfort to those who fall within that statistic or their families. As a biker I never ever touch a drop! Or if I'm riding the next day I may have one or two the night before and it's well out my system. I'd prefer a limit as low as 10 to account for any alcohol in food stuffs that may creep in accidentally. My workplace wouldn't accept me operating machinery after 2 or 3 pints and I doubt the public would be amused if I popped down the pub in uniform on my lunch hour for a swift pint. A car or a bike is a pretty dangerous piece of machinery that's quite likely to do harm to others, never mind myself, if used irresponsibly or whilst inebriated.
  14. Obsidian_Eclipse

    BBC.Police killer Harry Roberts to be freed

    From my understanding (from what I caught of question time last night) the parole board decide whether or not the person poses a threat to society and then it is passed onto the home secretary to decide if the person should be released. Granted the home secretary is usually just a rubber stamp and takes the parole boards decision as said, but the responsibility lies with the home secretary. So let's see if she stands by her word on police killers should never be free.
  15. Obsidian_Eclipse

    HP: Threat Level to UK Police Increased

    Stay safe everyone.